How To Make Chocolate Bailey’s Fondue

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fondue expert Megan Fricker demonstrates how to make decadent chocolate Bailey’s fondue.

    Megan Fricker: Hi! I am Megan with The Melting Pot Restaurants.

    Today we are going to go over how to prepare a Baileys Irish Cream Dream Milk Chocolate Fondue. And we are also going to set up all of our fruits and cakes so we can get that ready for dipping.

    We are going to start out with one ounce of water to four ounces of chocolate wafers. We want to slowly keep adding more chocolate in. Once you are at your proper consistency then you can go ahead and add-in half an ounce shot of Baileys Irish cream. When it's smooth and creamy you are ready to go.

    Pick your favorite dipper, mine happens to be strawberries, and go ahead and dip right in. That's delicious and that's how you make the Baileys Irish Cream Dream Chocolate Fondue.