How to Make Chocolate Covered Grape Truffles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Michel Richard of Citronelle demonstrates how to make a beautiful dinner for Valentine’s day including how to make chocolate covered grape truffles.

    Michel Richard: I am Michel Richard from Citronelle. Here we are going to make the dessert for the beautiful day that is going to come soon, the Valentine's Day. Here we have some grapes, cold grapes and you have to dry them. Make sure they are not wet and then you need a bowl.

    We made some chocolates in the microwave, we add the chocolate to the grape, you mix it. Here we add one-third of a cup and you mix well. When the chocolate starts to set, you are adding some cocoa powder to separate all the grapes. See, it's nice to be noisy. You add more cocoa powder to separate the grapes and you add a little bit more and then that's it. See, they look like truffle, an easy dessert, cannot be faster.

    See that was an easy dessert to make. Not too rich, very refreshing. You give one to your husband, you play with that, he will give you one. This is very nice. How you can have a wonderful Valentine's Day and be very happy.