How To Make Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chocolatier Rob Kingsbury demonstrates how to make decadent chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Rob Kingsbury: Hi! I am Rob Kingsbury with the ACKC Cocoa Bar. Today I am showing you how to dip strawberries, decorate them and enjoy them. First of all make sure you get some beautiful strawberries. Right now, we have a beautiful blend of strawberries from California. I have already rinsed these off and so I'll make sure they are really, really dry. We want to take a paper towel and thumb through, give it a good cover and a good pat. And you want to make sure when you are doing this that you are getting underneath the green leaves. And then when you finish drying them off, make sure you put them on to a table rack that has paper towels on, just to make sure that the moisture is getting removed. So today I have a beautiful white chocolate, a milk chocolate and a semi-sweet dark chocolate. First off, what we are going to do is just warm these up in the microwave. So when you put this in the microwave, give it a 50% power for 45 seconds. Pull it back out and you are going to give it a stir. Then you are going to put it back in the microwave again for 45 seconds. You are going to take it back out and give it another stir. At this point, you are going to see the chocolate really starting to melt, and become really smooth. I have shredded coconut, little peanut butter morsels, chopped nuts with the toffee bits in it. Ground up Oreos and also some little M&Ms, as well as in the back, I have done some chocolate jimmies here just to show you guys as well as sugar, both white or red, whatever color you would like. And then I also have some little dried yeast, both silver and gold down here. So, easy enough. Grab a berry; you want to make sure that you pull back all the leaves. So I am just going to start off by doing a white chocolate dip. Real easy, throw the berry in; allow some of the chocolates to fall back off. Hold it upside down. That way the chocolate is going to pull back down little bit, just because of the nature of gravity, and then you can put it down on your wax paper.

    I am going to do one milk chocolate. So again dip it in, allow the gravity to work for you, and then place the berry. And that's as far as what you could do with the dipped strawberry at this point is really open to what you want to use or what ingredients that you personally like. And this is great with kids as well. They can have a lot of fun. Be really creative, design their own berry, and I mean you can do the whole field trip, take them to the store and pick up some decorations, now who wouldn't want that? And we will just do one more here with the little chips. I will do it in dark chocolate. Give it a good roll. Voila! I will put these in the refrigerator just for a couple of minutes, just so the chocolate can set up and snap in to place and be nice and firm. The best part is the eating. And I am going to enjoy a beautiful strawberry.


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