How To Make Chocolate S’mores Fondue

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fondue expert Megan Fricker demonstrates how to make decadent chocolate smore’s fondue.

    Megan Fricker: Hello! My name is Megan Fricker with The Melting Pot Restaurants.

    Today we are going to talk about how to prepare our chocolate smores and we are also going to set up all of our fruits and cakes so we can get that ready for dipping. Let's get started.

    The key to fondue is to set everything up and to cut it up into bite-size pieces, same thing with the strawberries. Another trick that we do at the restaurant is we take marshmallows and we roll them in either graham cracker crumbs or oreo crumbs to get the crumbs to stick lately with them and roll them in the crumbs.

    Now that we have all of our dippers ready and set up, we can melt down the chocolate. I am going to start out with four ounces of chocolate, so for every four ounces of chocolate you are going to use one ounce of water.

    Slowly stir the chocolate and it will melt for about five minutes. So once your milk chocolate fondue is all set up to go, for the smores you want to add a tablespoon of marshmallow cream.

    To help melt it in we flamb it with 151. So we just set it on fire, and of course to complete the smores fondue, we throw in graham cracker crumbs.

    Now you want to check the consistency and make sure it's smooth and creamy. This looks just about right, so we are ready to go ahead and pick our favorite dipper and dip in.

    It's delicious.