How To Make Citrus Pound Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make a simple and delicious citrus pound cake.

    Amy Riolo: My Citrus Pound Cake is a delicious Italian recipe; it's easy to make for any occasion. The first thing we'll do is preheat our oven to 375 degrees and then we'll go ahead and prepare a pan with a little bit of butter. Then I'm going to base a piece of parchment paper right down along the bottom and I'm going to coat the top of that as well.

    Then I'm going to just sprinkle a little bit of flour over the top. So now we can start creaming our ingredients together. I'm going to go ahead and add in my sugar and then I'll combine the butter and then let the machine do our work. We'll start that on low. I'm going to increase the speed until about medium and what we're looking here is for a nice, light, fluffy yellow color. So now that our mixture is nice and light and fluffy, I'm going to go ahead and add in our eggs, we turn down the speed and we got four eggs. We can just very slowly kind of add them one at a time.

    So now the eggs are incorporated so I'm going to go ahead and sift the flour and baking powder right on to the top. Now I'm just going to fold this altogether with my spatula. This is the consistency that we want. I'm going to go ahead and add in my orange zest and my vanilla and then I'm going to add in my yogurt. To just incorporate those, we always fold in the same direction and then turn in the opposite direction to make sure that you've incorporated everything in your cake. And in this case, we have, so now I can go ahead and just transfer it into my pan and then we'll level out the top, and then just tap it on the counter a few times. This helps to distribute the air and then we can go ahead and bake it. This is going to bake for about 40 minutes until it's nice and golden. So here we have our Citrus Pound Cake; it's moist, buttery, and golden. Once people know that you can make it, you're going to get constant request to make it over and over again. Enjoy!