How to Make Cream for Tiramisu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Salvatore Caniglia demonstrates how to make the cream for the tiramisu.

    Salvatore Caniglia: Hi this is Salvatore Caniglia from the Buon Appetito restaurant and now we are going to make the cream for the tiramisu. Okay to do the cream for the tiramisu, we are going to use, today, about five or six eggs. We going to divide the egg yolk from the egg whites in two different bowls. So I am going to start doing that. I am separating the egg yolk. I am going to beat the egg yolks first, in the meantime I put the egg whites in the refrigerator so that it will be nice and cool, it helps to be nice and firm at the. Just got to beat it until they are nice and mixed together. We add a quarter cup of sugar, a little touch of heavy whipping cream, just a little touch. Then a bit of vanilla extract, just a little touch of flour.

    Yes, and we mix it all together, now we can add the mustard for the cream, which is very delicious Italian cream cheese, pepper sweet, put it like this. We are going to use a bowl, 16 ounces and mix it together with the egg. We are going to mix them nicely together. Not too firm and not too liquid. We want the right consistency, which is about like this. It's fine, we will ass a little touch Masala Wine; you could use different wines, you could use brandy, some vodka, I like to use Masala wine, which is nice and smooth; we want to bake it so much at the end.

    Okay. Now, we are going to beat the egg whites to a nice fluffy consistency, make sure you clean your wrists before you use this or else it would be little difficult to do this. A little trick is to add a little bit of salt to the egg whites, it is something my mom taught me, so it will be easier to beat the eggs so let's try to do this. The egg whites, nice and firm. So now we will go and get the other bowl again. I am going to pour both together and now we will pour both into one bowl together by adding the egg whites to the egg yolk, like this, and they actually just hold together.

    Just slowly fold it, you don't want to add any clumps of the egg whites. Make sure this is all nice and smooth. This is the perfect consistency like this. It is a little bit soft right now, but it will be getting a little bit harder when we refrigerate the tiramisu at the end, like this. So I think this is ready, we are going to put this in the refrigerator and in the meantime we can go and make the espresso coffee for the next step.

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