How to Make Crepes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make crepes from scratch.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi, I am Stephanie Rose with Stephanie Rose Foodstylings and today we are here showing you how to make pancakes. This version that I am about to show you is the French Crepe, it is a flat pancake and it is one my favorites and absolutely delicious and very simple to make with very basic ingredients, a cup of flour, a pinch of salt, about two tablespoons of sugar, water and milk, four eggs and melted butter. So let's get started. You also have to have a special pan, I have a variety of pans here that work of crepes, I like to use a non-stick because then you don't have to use any oil or anything and this is specifically a crepe pan and it works beautifully but if you don't have one of those you can also use your handy iron skillet or just a regular frying pan also non-stick they all work beautifully, I never had a problem with them. So first we are going to start with our flour, I am going to put that in a bowl, sifted flour of course, we are just going to add a pinch of salt, our sugar and then we are going to whisk in two quarters cup of water. Let's get that incorporated, looks good and now we are going to whisk in some milk, just thin it and we are going to alternately put our eggs in, one at a time beating them each time to get them incorporated, I am going to add a little more milk, about a cup of milk, the batter is going to be a little thin, you want it thin, so a thin pancake, one more egg, whisk at it, whisking -- the last thing you are going to add is your melted butter which is critical. We want a rich buttery flavor, there we go. Now ideally it is good to let your batter rest for at least an hour before you start making your pancakes. So they will be soft and not too tough. We are nicely mixed up and we are ready to start cooking. I have got a little quarter cup measure, turn my heat on, get your pan little hot. Play around with the level, you don't want it too hot because it will burn, so about medium, medium high should work. You are probably going to pour about around a quarter cup into the pan and then you need to swirl the batter around, it's okay if you have a few little things on the side, it makes it easier to flip it over because often times I use my hand. You can tell when it's starting to get done by the sides, they are going to get curled up a little bit and get a little more brown just around the fringe here. That looks pretty good to me. Alright, I think our crepe is about to finish now. My favorite filling is a little bit of lemon, little bit of sugar. So I sprinkle the sugar all around and now we just fold them up like that and you have a wonderful zesty, sweet crepe. I will make some more but I will make those with some spreads of Nutella because Nutella is one of my all times favorites, chocolaty, creamy, hazelnutty, yummy, decadent. Okay, there we go, now we have another crepe and you can just keep making them and making them and you could also freeze them, they freeze absolutely beautifully no one would ever know. You could make them weeks in advance. Now I like to fold them in the little triangles which is kind of what I grew up doing it. Some people like to roll them, I usually just roll them when it's a savory or when I am making the classic Crepe Suzette. So we have a variety of presentations and there you have it. This is how you make crepes. Bon appetit. Enjoy.