How To Make Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make a cucumber and yogurt sauce.

    Amy Riolo: Yogurt is one of the traditional ingredients of the Greek kitchen. Today we're making a Greek yogurt in cucumber sauce.

    To begin we've got three cups of plain Greek yogurt. And I'm adding in two diced cucumber. I'm going to add in minced garlic clove a quarter cup of freshly chopped mint, you could also add dill, if you like and if you don't have and you want to use dry you could use about a teaspoon of either mint or dill.

    You don't want to just crush those a little bit in your hand before you add them in. And the last ingredient I'm going to add is a grated onion. And you can see I've already grating my onion here and the reason I grate the onion before adding it to the sauce, its because the onion doesn't get cooked and when you grate it, all of this liquid drains out as a bottom and that's got a lot of the really strong onion flavor. So by grating it you get kind of a nice mild onion flavor and it just blends really well into the sauce.

    Add this right into your yogurt, we'll just stir everything to combine this is sticky sauce is the perfect accompany met to kabobs or warm fresh pita bread or you can just enjoy it by itself.

    Cucumber and yogurt are some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth. Once everything is mixed together we can just finish with a little bit of salt. So there we have our cucumber and yogurt sauce or our tzatziki the perfect accompaniment to any Greek meal, enjoy!