How to Make Curry Pumpkin Soup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson whips up a warming curry pumpkin soup.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Carson. I am a radio personality and an amateur chef. I am not formally trained but I have been cooking for about 14 years for my friends, for my family, for fellow foodies and occasionally doing the cooking demos with actual real chefs. So I pick up a lot of good things. The reason why I do it is because I want to demystify things that maybe you might be afraid to try and also bring couples together over a great meal. Today, we are making Curry Pumpkin Soup. Alright, so with pumpkin soup you can go out and buy a pumpkin, you can seed it, you can peel it; you can boil it or roast it to get the pumpkin meat. It's obviously, a very seasonal product and since you don't see any Halloween decorations in my house, I am just going to go with the canned pumpkin, alright. So this is just your basic canned pumpkin, please do not buy pumpkin pie filling or you are going to get a really, funky tasting soup and you are not going to like it. So what I have got here guys is about two nice cloves of finely chopped garlic, I have got one very nice sized chopped up jalapeo pepper, I have got one large carrot peeled and chopped, I have got two good sized stalks of celery that I have chopped up, I have got one teaspoon of turmeric and doesn't turmeric sound tasty? Hmm, turmeric, one and a half teaspoons of salt, use sea salt or kosher salt. Do not use iodized salt. That is for your driveway when it is icy. I have two teaspoons of curry; I love the smell of curry, wonderful stuff. For the finish, a little bit of parsley and also we are going to add a dollop of sour cream. Also, we are going to add about three cups of chicken broth as we are cooking it. What I would do right now is I have got come extra virgin olive oil in a saut pan. I have finely chopped about two to three cloves of garlic. So I am going to go ahead and throw those in there guys. Get that garlic softened up a little bit. I have also finely chopped a jalapeno pepper, so I am going to go ahead and add that. I am going to get those going in and then I am going to put in the food processor and puree them. I have got one carrot; I am going to drop that in my food processor right now. I have got two stalks of celery, I am going to drop these in the food processor right now and I am going to tear them up. Then I am going to add my carrots and celery. The carrots obviously, will add a sweet flavor and the celery will add a celery flavor because celery just tastes like celery. I am going to add about two cups of chicken broth right now. I am going to let this boil for around ten minutes till it gets soft and I am going to puree it. In this pot, we have chicken broth, we have jalapeno and we have garlic and also carrots and celery. I have had it cooking for about ten minutes so it is softened up. I am going to go ahead and add my turmeric, I am going to add my sea salt, I am going to add my curry, I am going to add a pinch of cayenne, then I am going to put it in my food processor and puree it very nicely. Now obviously, since it has been cooking for about ten minutes, some of the chicken broth has cooked off of it. So I am going to add a little more chicken broth depending on the consistency that I want for the soup. You stir this up; you are going to smell this in just a second. Oh, this smells nice. Alright, let us puree. I pureed that for about thirty seconds. There we go. There is my puree of jalapeno and carrots and celery and seasonings. Alright, so I have got my pureed mixture of jalapeno and celery and garlic and carrots and chicken broth. One thing that I didn't put in here was one medium onion with the sauted mixture. I have got some people in my life who don't like an onion. I actually prefer with an onion. So if you want, add an onion to the mixture as you are sauting it and then put in the food processor. Alright, so I have got my mixture here of all my sauted vegetables that I pureed very nicely and I am ready for the pumpkin. Now this is about one and three quarter pounds of pumpkin. It is a 29 ounce can. I am going to add this slowly. I have got the heat on medium and I am going to whisk it in. I can already tell I am probably going to add - have to add a little more chicken broth because it is really thick right now. So I am just going to go ahead and some more. Don't add too much. You don't want it to be really soupy. You want it to be fairly hearty. But obviously, canned pumpkin is very thick. This is still fairly coarse, it is not hyper creamy. If you want to make it creamier you can use a blender and puree it further before you present it. Now this soup is going to cook for about a half an hour still on the stove on a medium heat. I am going to add a bay leaf. It has been on a really light, mild boil for about a half an hour, just a few bubbles. It is on a fairly low heat. You don't want to overcook this. You don't want to cause it to shear or stick to the bottom of the pan. But it should be about done and we are ready to serve it. Now here is how you are going to plate it. You will just take a little bit of your curry pumpkin soup, I would say just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl, you can put a little more in if you want. Like I said, this is a hearty soup and if you are serving main courses, you don't want to overdo it. What I am going to take here is a dollop of sour cream. Now it is optional, but when it comes to sour cream, for me it is never optional. This is strange but you are going to like it. This is parsley. I am just going to take a little bit of this parsley and sprinkle it over the top. Now this is not for garnishing purposes. It looks pretty in everything, but honestly, I can tell you when you stir this into the soup, it adds a lot of flavor. It is an odd mixture, you are thinking parsley, jalapeno, but actually, it is really good and as you can see it looks really pretty.