How To Make Duct Tape Earrings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make duct tape earrings.

    Jonathan Webster: Hi! I am Jonathan Webster duck tape craft expert. Today I am going to show you how to make pair of duck tape earring. You will need one or more rolls or colored or printed duck tape. I am going to be using the wallflower and yellow duck tape. A pair of flat earring studs, a pair of scissors or craft knife, a ruler and a cutting board. So let's get started. Cut out two stripes of tape that are two and a half inches long. Take both of these stripes and fold each one of itself plain flat. Take a craft knife and cut each stripe in half vertically so that each piece is one and a quarter inches long. This is half of each stripe.

    Each earring requires three pieces of tape so you can set the fourth stripe aside for the second earring. Now round the edges of all three pieces of tape with a pair of scissors, crease each piece of tape in half length wise and then fold it twice on each side to make a small ruffle piece. Then take all three pieces of tape and line them up by their all crease together. Take a small slit of tape that is a quarter of an inch wide and wrap it around the middle of these pieces to bind them together into one piece.

    Then flex the sides of the bow together to loosen up the tape. Next, take two very small strips of tape and attach the two ends of each side of the small bow to make sure that it says fully open.

    Take a small piece of duck tape that is one half inch by one half inch wide a stick it through the stud itself. Then take this and attach the bow to the back of the stud. Press down securely so that the how stays in place. Repeat these steps to make the second identical earring. And that's how you make duck tape earrings.