How to Make Espresso for Tiramisu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Salvatore Caniglia demonstrates how to make the espresso coffee for the tiramisu.

    Salvatore Caniglia: Okay I am Salvatore from the Buon Appetito Restaurant and now we are going to make the espresso coffee for the tiramisu, which I would be using our machine here which is an Italian espresso machine.

    We are going to use about three cups of espresso and you could buy it at buy about ten double shots of espresso too, this will work or we can use regular coffee, just make sure you make it extra strong so you have the flavor of the coffee and so let's start the doing this.

    Here we are going to fill up the droop with freshly ground espresso coffee which we have in the machine here, and fill her up like this, press it down a little bit. Only machining, head on. Here comes the coffee. So here is the espresso coffee which is nice and ready, nice and creamy. We have to stick to this container, like this. This is done as well, and so now in here we can add about quarter cup of Masala into the coffee; again, like I said before, some people use different kinds of liquor, I like to use Masala and the next step will be dipping the ladyfingers into the coffee, layer it with the Mascarpone cream that we just made before and serve it, and make a nice presentation.

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