How To Make Feta, Watermelon, & Basil Kabobs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make feta, watermelon, and basil kabobs.

    Amy Riolo: Watermelon is a delicious summer time treat. I'm inspired by a recipe form the island of Cyprus which combines watermelon with feta and basil for a combination that can't be be.

    So the first thing I'm going to do is just take my skewer and pierce a piece of watermelon through it. Now these are wooden skewers, so you don't have to worry about soaking them because they are not going on the grill. We're just eating these raw. Then I'm going to put a piece of feta cheese. It really sounds weird when you first have it feta cheese and watermelon, but the sweet and savory, salty combination really work well together. And then just got a piece of basil and keep going.

    You can also use halloumi cheese if you like which is really popular in Cyprus as well. Cyprus is known for their healthful cuisine and during summer nights when it's really, really hot, friends usually gather together outside and eat different types of appetizers. Sometimes they can have 38 different types of appetizers for one meal, they are called Mezedes. And this is one of them.

    You could also use other kinds of melon if you like, but this is really traditional and I think the most delicious.

    So now that our kabobs are assembled, we can go ahead and drizzle them with olive oil and of course Cyprus is known for their really delicious olive oil.

    There we have our watermelon, feta and basil kabobs, the perfect snack on a balmy evening. Enjoy.