How To Make Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make flour-less chocolate cake.

    Amy Ariolo: Hi! I am Amy Ariolo with Harris Teeter. Today we're making a flourless chocolate cake. This decadent gluten-free version hails from Italy's Amalfi Coast, where it's known as Torta Caprese. So let's begin.

    So I have a pound of a chopped chocolate or in this case just semi-sweet chocolate chips, use a really good quality that you like. And because this is a gluten-free version, look for specific gluten-free chocolate chips. I'm going to add a cup or two sticks of butter, then we have a quarter cup of cold espresso, if you don't have espresso you can use really strong coffee and then we have a teaspoon of vanilla.

    We want to cook this over low. Chocolate can be a little bit temperamental and it can burn very easily, so as soon as you see that they are starting to melt, you want to go ahead and stir to incorporate everything.

    So now that everything is melted together, we can go ahead and remove this from the stove. I'll just let it cool for a second and then give this time to get our eggs and sugar working. The first thing I'll do is add in seven eggs to the mixture, you want to make sure to have your whisk attachment. And now a couple of sugar, so I'm going to turn it on low and mix this together.

    Now that our eggs and sugar are combined I'm going to go ahead and increase the speed to high and we will let this go for about 6 minutes until it get nice and bubbly. So now our egg and sugar mixture is nice and thick, so you can go ahead and turn it off for a second.

    Now what we have to do is combine the chocolate into the eggs and I'm going to keep the mixture running on very low for this. You just want to make sure and do this pretty slowly, so that way the chocolate doesn't deflate the eggs too much. I am going to increase my speed to medium.

    And I'm just going to give the bowl a quick swipe with my spatula to make sure that any of the eggs that had remain on the side are getting incorporated. And then I'm going to prepare my baking pans, I'm going to use a little bit of vegetable spray, I'm going to make one in a nine inch cake pan and then I'm going to do some of these little molds, that I have some individual cakes as well.

    To get our pan ready I'm going to spry it with a little bit of the cooking spray, then I'll top it with some parchment paper, then add a little bit more of cooking spray and the same thing with a little pans. So now we can pour our batter in and I'm going to go about three quarters the way up.

    Now we'll stick these into our oven which has been preheated at 350 degrees. The smaller ones are going to take about 15 minutes and the larger cake will be about 50 to 55 minutes.

    So our cakes have finish baking and I let them cool for about an hour. You can tell when they are finish baking, because they get really crackly on the top, so all we have to do now is to turn it out onto a dish. And I went ahead and loosen the edges of the cake a little bit just to help me along.

    To invert it on to the dish all we have to do is take a plate and put it upside down on top of our cake, and then turn it right over this way. Then remove our parchment paper and then we can coat with a little bit of a powdered sugar.

    So there we have our flourless chocolate cake, a perfect decadent treat for any special occasion. Enjoy!