How To Make Fried Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Tom Papoutsis shows how to make fried chicken.

    Tom Papoutsis: Hi! I am Tom Papoutsis. Today we are doing chicken basics. Right now, we are going to fry chicken and we have let that chicken sit in the buttermilk for a couple of hours now.

    Our flour mixture here which is we are going to dredge our chicken through, let's get started with that.

    Essentially, I have got one cup of flour in here. I am going to measure out in my hand here probably about a good tablespoon of salt, put that in. We are going to do probably about a couple of teaspoons of black pepper and we are about two right there, about two teaspoons. We are going to put that in. I am going to take a fork and I am going to mix that around.

    The buttermilk actually has a high acidity content which helps soften that chicken, make it nice and tender and it's also going to act in the replacement of egg which is typically used for breading. Dredge it through it, just turn it a couple times and get it coated all the way around.

    Now our hot oil. We got to about 300 degrees. What you got to remember is don't go over two-thirds on your pan or when you drop this in, it's going to boil over. So we are going to drop this in very carefully, there it goes. Okay, it's been about 10 minutes, our chicken is nice and very golden brown. You want your chicken to end up being about a 180 degrees. But that's it, that's basic fried chicken right there. Enjoy!

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