How To Make Grape Skewers With Goat Cheese And Almonds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make grape skewers with goat cheese and almonds.

    Amy Riolo: My Grape Skewers with Almonds and Goat Cheese will be a hit at your next barbeque or party. To begin, all we have to do is take 6" skewers and thread them with some green grapes and we will set these aside. Now we need to make a little bit of glue, so that our ground almonds will stick to them. And I'm going to use goat cheese and milk. Grapes and goat cheese are wonderful combination and they are perfect finale to the end of the meal. So add in some milk and depending in the goat cheese that you use, you might need a little bit more milk or less milk. So I'm just going to start out with a smaller amount and I'm just going to whisk this together with my fork and mash it almost like I'm making an icing. So once the mixture is completely smooth and fluffy and it's about this consistency, we're going to go ahead and spread it on to our grape skewers. Then we can roll this right into the almonds. Grapes and almonds have a lot of health benefits, so people who have diabetes, grapes are really good for our skin, may contain a lot of nutrients and almonds have a lot of healthful fats. There we have our grape skewers with almonds and goat cheese, a sweet finale to any meal.