How To Make Grapefruit Angel Food Shortcake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kymberly Meade from TexaSweet Citrus Marketing demonstrates how to make a sweet shortcake recipe with a twist, a grapefruit angel food shortcake.

    Kimberly: Hi! I am Kimberly and I'm with TexaSweet Citrus Marketing. We work for the growers of Texas grapefruit and oranges. Today I want to share with you a Rio Star Grapefruit Angel Fruit Cake. If you have kids, this is the perfect recipe for you, because it's delicious, healthy and easy.

    So what we have here is two cups of thawed whipped topping and we're going to add in 8 oz of dry vanilla pudding. So we just want to mix this altogether until it's completely blended. So once we kind of have that mixed, right here, we have five cups of chopped and sectioned Rio Star Grapefruit and we'll add all that together and we have left the juice in our grapefruit sections. So we have some juice at the bottom to kind of help melt the flavors together. This fruit is extremely juicy and so we want to get all of that in our cake.

    And you can kind of break-up the sections as you go, if you want smaller bites. So once we have this mixed, we have an angel fruitcake that's been cut into three sizes, so we'll take about one-third of our mixture and we'll just spread it along our angel fruitcake. We can see that really juicy grapefruit. We'll go ahead and add the next layer and it's okay if some spills over, because it makes it look really pretty on your cake dish when you see that grapefruit just peeking over.

    Now, we're going to go ahead and top it with our third and final slice and then we'll just add a little on the top, not as much as in the other layers. So once you have enough of the mixture on top, go ahead and place this in the refrigerator for an hour. When you are ready to serve, slice it and place a cup of fresh grapefruit sections on each plate. I know your family will love this.