How to Make Grilled Barbeque Salmon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to grilled barbecue salmon.

    Ray Hayes: Hello, my name is Ray Hayes. I am the Executive Chef here. You are watching my series on how to cook and prepare a salmon. The next thing you are going to watch is how we do grilled barbecued salmon. Alright, some of the fondest memories you have is a child and even growing to be of my age and stuff is the barbecue that you have outside. When your a kid, it is hot dogs and burgers and when you get older, it is a little more intricate, but still, it is simple. So what we are going to do today is barbecue some or grill some salmon. We are going to take salmon pieces. We are going to season the salmon pieces with our favorite little spice that we have, you can use whatever you like there. We are going to take an ear of corn, little bit of barbecue sauce and we are going to head off to the grill. I want you guys to use food spray on this stuff, you buy some of your non-stick stuff, whatever you need just put a little bit on there. You can even spray your broiler a little bit if you like. Some people dont like to use it, but I guarantee if you use it, your salmon won't stick to the broiler.

    So we are going to put those on, just like that. For the corn, same thing you have got an ear of corn fresh out of the husk, it is not cooked at all, spray a little food spray, put on your salt and pepper, just put it right up there next to your salmon, oh, next to it, not on it. There you go. Now the corn itself will be raw, the cob will stay raw, but the kernels become very juicy and they stay compacted on the top of the cob. So we want to turn the salmon so we get nice, little lines on them, we are going to go like this.

    I am going to take our corn, get them over here and that is that. So when you broil your salmon, you want to turn them a little bit. The idea is to get a little bit of charred flavor. The oil that we talked about earlier with the Sockeye salmon has a different flavor when it is charred. So like if you start it out this way, you go in the same lines as your fingers, you want to cook it this side for a few minutes and turn it this way like tic-tac-toe, you know the lines and stuff this way and then you wan to turn it over and cook it on the other side. A salmon and most of your seafood and fish can all be cooked medium-rare or rare even. Obviously, because you can eat it raw also. So here we go, this is what you should be looking at, oh, look at that, nice little lines on there, perfect little lines. The corn itself is going to take longer than the seafood so you probably should start the corn before your seafood. As soon as you turn that salmon over, you are going to grab your barbecue sauce, pick any one you want, your favorite. I happen to use KC Masterpiece, I like that, I think it is the best one on the market and then we are just going to brush the barbecue sauce on there.

    Now you dont want to make it like ribs, where it is all gooey and stuff. You want to just put this on there, once you put the barbecue sauce on the salmon, do not turn it over again. The sugar in the barbecue sauce will burn and it will taste real bitter and ugly, nasty, the carbon is very bad for you. That is it, four or five minutes and these salmon are done, ready to come off the grill right now. Oh, those look good, they smell great too. The barbecue sauce has really accessed with the salmon very well. This corn, I am going to give the corn another minute or two to cook up here. Although, it is getting soft right now. So we are probably two-three minutes away from roasted corn. There we go. As you can see the corn has started to turn a little black from the broiler there so it is looking good, here we go. Roasted corn and cob top of corn. There we have it, barbecued salmon, we are going to put a little bit of lemon juice up on there, your favorite barbecue sauce, put some on the corn. There we have it, roasted corn, barbecued salmon, ten minutes, ready to go.