How to Make Grilled New York Strip Steak

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis and cook Rob Carson walk through the steps to grilling a juicy New York strip steak.

    Rob Carson: Hi my name is Rob Carson, I am a radio personality and I cook, and our purpose with these videos is to bring foodies and family members and friends to the kitchen. And also demystify things that you might be afraid to otherwise try. Today, I am working with a friend of mine, this is Chef Brian, of Chef Brians Kitchen at bryanskitchen.

    com, and he is a professional chef and we are going to be cooking today. Now, why don't you tell us -- before you tell us what we make, what you guys do here?

    Bryan Davis: Well, what we do here, this is about 1,200 square foot kitchen studio, we do corporate events, we do team building, we do catering, we do private classes, we do public classes, so little bit of everything.

    Rob Carson: And again his whole modus operandi is demystifying what you might not try otherwise.

    Bryan Davis: Bring in food and fun together.

    Rob Carson: Excellent, alright I see some dead cow here, thats promising. I love dead cow. So what are we doing today?

    Bryan Davis: Okay, we are going to do several things today, but what we are going to focus on first is a New York strip steak that we are going to grill, and we are going to serve it with the cognac butter.

    Rob Carson: Oh, I like the sound of that. Alright, lets talk ingredients.

    Bryan Davis: Alright, what we are going to start with first is the New York strips steak, Okay.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: This is the actual, strip line, okay and as we cut it into individual steaks, we are going to end up with the New York strip steak.

    Rob Carson: About an inch thick, thats good.

    Bryan Davis: Not an inch, inch-and-a-half thick, yeah.

    Rob Carson: Excellent, excellent what else?

    Bryan Davis: Okay, we are going to have regular unsalted butter.

    Rob Carson: Okay, good.

    Bryan Davis: We are going to have chives and parsley a mix of sage and tyme.

    Rob Carson: Excellent.

    Bryan Davis: And then salt and pepper and we are going to finish it with little bit of kielbasa (ph).

    Rob Carson: Okay, great.

    Bryan Davis: What about tools and materials, what are we needing?

    Bryan Davis: What we are going to need is basically a cutting board, a sharp knife, a mixer for the butter.

    Rob Carson: Yup.

    Bryan Davis: And a grill, you can use an outdoor grill if you dont have, if you dont want to use the outdoor grill, dont have an indoor system like this, you can do it in a saut pan.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: Or you can purchase a grill pan that sits right on top of the burner that will serve as the same purpose as --Rob Carson: Yeah, its like of the heat of pan, it has the little marks.

    Bryan Davis: Has a little burn mark.

    Rob Carson: Okay, cool, that sounds pretty easy, alright so lets get started.

    Bryan Davis: Okay.

    Rob Carson: So we have cut them down to about an inch stick, excellent.

    Bryan Davis: So now what we are going to do is we are going to take a little bit -- this is a mixed blend of olive and vegetable oil.

    Rob Carson: Okay, good.

    Bryan Davis: We are just going to sprinkle little bit of that on it.

    Rob Carson: Now, the reason why we are using the vegetable oil blend is that to bring the flash point down a little bit.

    Bryan Davis: Exactly, olive oil burns very --Rob Carson: Very quickly. Yeah.

    Bryan Davis: Very quickly. Okay.

    Rob Carson: Alright, now what kind of salt we are --Bryan Davis: Kosher Salt.

    Rob Carson: Kosher Salt alright. Remember; remember iodized salt is for your side walk.

    Bryan Davis: I like the Kosher Salt because its got a cleaner taste.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: And its easier for me to work with.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: The other thing to remember is, dont be shy in seasoning it.

    Rob Carson: Absolutely.

    Bryan Davis: Okay. So we are going to put little bit of salt, little bit of pepper on them.

    Rob Carson: Fresh cracked pepper.

    Bryan Davis: Fresh cracked pepper.

    Rob Carson: Very good.

    Bryan Davis: And then we are going to take them straight away to the grill.

    Rob Carson: Alright, you just do on one side.

    Bryan Davis: Well, I am going to season the other side once we have it on the grill.

    Rob Carson: Okay, lets go. Lets talk about how quickly you had this on a fairly high heat, how long do we have the steaks on it?

    Bryan Davis: Basically on the first side to mark them, you want to put them on about 2 oclock.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: On a clock face, let them set so you get the nice grill mark on it, its probably going to take a minute to two minutes, then you want to turn it to 10 oclock on a clock face.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: Get those nice grill mark facing the other way. Again, another minute or two.

    Rob Carson: Then after you do that its time to eat.

    Bryan Davis: Then we go ahead and flip them over.

    Rob Carson: Yes.

    Bryan Davis: Grill them on one side, you dont only need to focus on mark of the second side.

    Rob Carson: Sure.

    Bryan Davis: So basically on the grill for total about may be four minute.

    Rob Carson: Alright, so we have got these fairly rare steaks, looking very nice, nicely seasoned, we got them going in the oven at what temperature?

    Bryan Davis: 425.

    Rob Carson: And how long are they going to be in there?

    Bryan Davis: About 8 to 10 minutes.

    Rob Carson: About 8 to 10 minutes or until there you are --Bryan Davis: Done.

    Rob Carson: If you like it less, obviously less.

    Bryan Davis: We are going to try -- we are going to plan of pulling these out about a 125 degrees.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Bryan Davis: Because we like a medium steak.

    Rob Carson: Excellent.

    Bryan Davis: Then you can go about 5 degrees up for a different degrees of doneness.

    Rob Carson: Alright, cool lets take to the oven.

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