How to Make Hearty Irish Beef Stew

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef John Conway demonstrates how to make Irish beef stew with a traditional recipe.

    John Conway: Hi! My name is John Conway and I am the chef at the Old Brogue in Great Falls of Northern Virginia. We are here today to prepare a traditional Irish beef stew. Our main ingredients will be beef tenderloin tips and raw vegetables which will be onions, carrots, leeks, celery, potatoes. We have flour, salt, fresh black pepper and roasted garlic and a bouquet garni which consists of bay leaf, parsley and fresh thyme. Starting now, we are going to start preparing the beef tenderloin tips. So, I have here some beef tenderloin tips, and we are just going to dice them up into nice bite sizes because we are going to be braising them. So I am just going to take a leek and we want to take off some of the green, and we want to cut this right down the centre and then we want to cut it again in quarters. And I am just going to wash it in the sink, just going to dice them up. So I have large onion here and now we are just going to dice it up. Carrots and now let's take three sticks of celery. I washed the potatoes and I am just cutting them in half and then I am going to do it in quarters. Okay, so I have a hot skillet pan here, we are just going to use a touch of olive oil and then we are going to start braising the beef. Basically, what we are doing here is we are searing in all the juices, all the flavors, we want to sear it on both sides and I find that you can use as much salt on beef because it tenderizes this, and it could add a lot more flavor. Some black pepper, some roasted garlic. The reason why I use beef tenderloin tips, it's a better cut of meat, it has more flavor, and I am going to start transferring it to our pot here. So we have our meat in here now, what we are going to do is we are going to have the flour and as I said, before you really want to cook out the flour, if you do not cook out the flour, it is going to be floury. So now we are going to add some of our beef stock first and mix this up. Now we are going to add our vegetables. Again, we have one onion diced, we have three carrots diced, three sticks of celery. Now we are going to add our leeks. So now I am just going to add some more stock. Perfect! Now we are going to add our bouquet garni, fresh thyme. So we are going to let this cook for maybe 40 minutes and before we add the potatoes, because we don't want to have the potatoes right now, because during the cooking process, the potatoes will overcook and they are going to mash and you do not want that. The meat is just beginning to become tender so we are going to add the potatoes. So it's being approximately 30 minutes. So now we are going to leave that maybe for another 10-15 minutes till the potatoes are done and then I am going to show you how we serve traditional Irish stew. When you are serving the stew, you want to make sure you got a good mix of your vegetables, meat, and potatoes. Here we have our traditional Irish stew. This is the way we serve it and I hope you all enjoy.