How To Make Herb Roasted Turkey

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make a simple yet savory herb roasted turkey, perfect for any family dinner.

    Amy Riolo: Everybody seems to be searching for that perfect turkey recipe. My Southern French-styled herb-roasted turkey breast is so easy to make, you'll be able to make it any night of the week. The first thing is to start by oiling your pan. Let's make sure that the bottom and the sides are coated. So then I'm going to take my turkey breast and transfer into my pan, and then I'm going to start making a delicious rub for it. And the first thing that I do is to take my Herbes de Provence; I am just going to rub that in. Then I'm going to add my poultry seasoning. Now I'm going to add a half of lemon right into the cavity of my turkey breast. If you're using a whole turkey, you'd be doing the same exact procedure. This is only different because we're missing the limbs and the other thing that I put in the middle is a whole head of garlic which I just chopped the top off and I put that right down into the cavity as well.

    Now I'm going to add in some fresh sage, rosemary, and I'm going to finish off with thyme. Then I'm going to turn the bird over and in the place where I lost any of my mix, I'm going to go ahead and spread a little bit more on there. Then I'm going to add some salt and pepper. Then I'm going to take my other half of lemon and just squeeze it right over the top. Then I'm going to go ahead and drizzle a little bit of olive oil right on the top, and I'll mix everything once again. Make sure it's coated and then I'm going to go ahead and cover the turkey.

    Roast the turkey for about two hours. Then we'll take the tin foil off, based it, check the doneness and then let it cook until it's golden and completely cook through. We're looking for about 180 degrees. We need to let it rest for about 10-15 minutes and then we can carve it up and serve it. So here we have our Southern French-styled herb-roasted turkey. Remember that turkey makes a lean and healthy protein option anytime of year. Enjoy!