How to Make Holiday Caramel Popcorn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Rosemary takes a household favorite and turns it into a sweet caramel treat that everyone will enjoy.

    Rosemary Spoljarick: Hi! I am Rosemary Spoljarick, and today we are going to be making some delicious, melt in your mouth Holiday Caramel Popcorn. What we will be showing you today, is everything from the preparation of the popcorn, which will include all of the ingredients, how we bake it, prepare it, and most importantly, this popcorn is great for the holidays, when you have company, gift giving and so on.

    Our ingredients will be two bags of Puffin corn which is the Hulless popcorn and today we are using Schneider's. We have about 12 ounces of the corn, but you can feel free to use any amount of pecans, that you would like to use. We have two cups of light brown sugar. We will have a half of cup of Kayro, two sticks of butter and you want to make sure that you use butter, however, if you do use margarine and make sure that you do not use light margarine. And I have also baking soda, and cream of tartar. The tools that we will be using today is just basically our saucepan, a roaster and some measuring spoons and we will also make sure that we have wax paper, so that we can pour out popcorn on it and some cooking sprays so we can coat the pan to help ease to clean up.

    There is not a whole lot of things that I am really good at making, but this popcorn is something that is requested by a lot of my family members and friends. So, without waiting much longer, we will get right to the mixing of the ingredients and getting the popcorn prepared. One thing, I want to mention to you that this is just not your everyday ordinary popcorn. This popcorn is Hulless popcorn so, it absolutely melts in your mouth and you are definitely going to enjoy it. So let s get started making our popcorn and we will start with the mixture and how we are going to put this all together.

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