How to Make Ice Cream Sundaes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ice Cream expert Olivia Everson demonstrates how to make ice cream sundaes. This video will show how easy it can be to create delicious ice cream sundaes, parfaits and banana splits.

    Olivia Everson: Hi, my name is Olivia Everson. Today, we were here at Giffords Ice Cream & Candy Company in Rockville, Maryland. We are going to be making ice cream sundaes today. The basic One Scoop sundae, the Old Glory Parfait, the Alpine Banana Split, Swiss Topped sundae and the Super Banana split.

    Some tools you will need will be a bowl, an ice cream scooper, ice cream of course, nuts, they can be almonds or peanut, a topping of your choice such as hot fudge, chocolate sauce, butterscotch, whipped cream, cherry and tongs . Some safety concerns, there are not really any in making sundaes. You should be aware, there is a lot of people that are allergic to peanut and have peanut allergies that can be a big deal. If you are making a lot of sundaes for a birthday party make sure you ask people about that. The same goes for cutting the banana for the banana split just be careful using the knife.

    Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been working for Giffords for about a year now. I have made numerous amounts of sundaes. I am currently the store manager at the Giffords Rockville Store. So let's get started and make a basic ice cream sundae.