How to Make Ice Cream

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to make ice cream.

    Todd Gray: Hi, I am Todd Gray. We are in the wine served Equinox Restaurant. We are going to be preparing vanilla ice cream. For today we are going to need some basic tools, we are going to need a good quality sauce pot, a couple of stainless steel mixing bowls, a rubber spatula, a six ounce ladle, a small pairing knife, a mesh strainer, wire whisk and ice cream machine. We are going to need one quart of milk, two cups of sugar, one vanilla bean and eight egg yolks. When in the kitchen, always practice safety first, being sure that you understand the machines that you are working with, electric mixers, high heat and short knives.

    Since opening Equinox in 1999, my wife Ellen and I have been fortunate enough to receive many nominations and awards including Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year for 2008 by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and five James Beard nominations for Best Chef of the Mid-Atlantic region. So let's get our ice cream started by first making our base.

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