How to make Lobster Quesadillas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering make mouthwatering lobster quesadilla appetizers.

    Les Sauray: Hey, I am Les.

    Greg Dumorne: And I am Greg, and today we are going to teach you how to make Lobster Quesadillas. But of course the Real Deal, we are going to add some kobasa sausage to it.

    Les Sauray: Give it a little extra flavor.

    Greg Dumorne: So first of all, we just add two lobster tails.

    Les Sauray: We chop them up and already we peeled them.

    Greg Dumorne: And for this, you are going to need kobasa sausage, Roma tomatoes and scallions, I am going to season it with a little bit of Spike seasoning.

    Les Sauray: Does it matter what kind of seasoning you use?

    Greg Dumorne: Some garlic. No, you can use the Old Bay or whatever kind of seasoning.

    Les Sauray: Any Seafood seasoning.

    Greg Dumorne: A little bit of olive oil.

    Les Sauray: Olive oil.

    Greg Dumorne: And, then spray your pan.

    Les Sauray: Spray my pan with some PAM.

    Greg Dumorne: Put your lobster on it.

    Les Sauray: And you got it. Now, these two guys are going to cook a different speeds or they are going to cook the other.

    Greg Dumorne: Lobster cooks pretty quick, so it's pretty much once you see it get that color, when it gets the reddish color, it's pretty much ready; the sausage is already cooked, so we are just heating up the tomato, we are just giving them a little charred blow.

    Les Sauray: I would prefer the tongs. There you go. Greg Dumorne: As you see the sausage is pumping up like that; just like baloney back in the day; you are acting like you didn't make baloney sandwich.

    Les Sauray: Good way to remember. Greg Dumorne: Remember, when the baloney pops up.

    Les Sauray: Yeah, time to flip it, and we flip the lobster. You flip them like one time; they can come off right after that.

    Greg Dumorne: Now, if he can do it, trust me every one of you guys at home will do it. Okay, at this point, put your cheese on your flour tortillas. Les Sauray: Now, no one is going to store those different types of tortillas, does it really matter which one you use or the?

    Greg Dumorne: Well, we use the flour tortilla but there is plenty of different flavors. I think they have Tomato, Spinach for the healthy people, like a little bit of scallions, some sausage. You can use Chorizo sausage, which is actually a bit more of a Mexican sausage. I just choose to use kobasa because it's my favorite sausage. Tomato, spray, and the last piece of sausage. It's going to cook pretty quick because that grill is hot, and pretty much this cooking material get crispy. Once you knock on the door, you know that somebody at home. Hang on, I am going to make another one. So you knock on the door.

    Les Sauray: Somebody there?

    Greg Dumorne: Real Deal Lobster Quesadillas.

    Les Sauray: And next, we are going to make Shrimp Enchiladas.

    Greg Dumorne: Next, we are going to make Shrimp Enchiladas.