How to Make Margaritas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering mix up ice-cold blended margaritas to finish off a Mexican meal.

    Greg Dumorne: How are you doing, I am Greg.

    Les Sauray: And I am Les, and we are from Real Deal Catering.

    Greg Dumorne: And in this segment we'll still teach you how to make Mexican food, but we are going to teach you how to make Margaritas.

    Les Sauray: Margaritas, alright.

    Greg Dumorne: It's going to be lemon flavored Margarita, and my trusted companion here is going to show you how to make it. It is going to be pretty much, two parts Patrn, one part Grand Marnier, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar. And let's rock. Okay.

    Les Sauray: And some salt to it. So we are going to grind this up first.

    Greg Dumorne: Okay.

    Les Sauray: A little extra.

    Greg Dumorne: So you are adding half of that in the Grand Marnier.

    Les Sauray: I always liked experimenting.

    Greg Dumorne: Lemon Juice.

    Les Sauray: How much Lemon Juice?

    Greg Dumorne: Go; okay; lime Juice. Okay, sugar, two-spoons full will be sufficient.

    Les Sauray: One and Two.

    Greg Dumorne: Now grind.

    Les Sauray: Grind it, alright; grinded.

    Greg Dumorne: Dip it into water.

    Les Sauray: This is just so that the salt sticks to the glassGreg Dumorne: That's better.

    Les Sauray: Pour.

    Greg Dumorne: A couple of lemons.

    Les Sauray: Limes, lemons, and there you go, and there you have it Real Deal Margaritas.

    Greg Dumorne: Thank you for joining us this time on Monkeysee.

    com, and we'll see you soon.

    Les Sauray: Bye.

    Greg Dumorne: Enjoy your Mexican food.