How to Make Meatballs Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Marie Guaragna-Beirne demonstrates how to make meatballs, part 1.

    Bonjourno! I am Marie Beirne with MGB Special Events and today I am showing you how to cook my mom s old fashioned pasta sauce with meatballs. Now we ve already done our sauce, our sauce is cooking on the stove, medium high, and it's simmering. Now, we are going to go ahead and add our meatballs. Now, some people might say that this is an unorthodox method. I use to fry my meatballs, but I don t do it any more. It was a mistake I made a long time ago and it was one of worst mistakes I have ever made as far as cooking goes. So now we are going to get started by making our meatballs. First we are going to use our ingredients which consist of two eggs, basil, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and of course ground beef. I like to crack my eggs first. I like to put most of my liquid in before I put any of my dry ingredients in. Any time you are using raw eggs or raw meat, always be sure to wash your hands so that you don t spread the salmonella bacteria. We are going to be using a whisk for this process today. Number one, it s going to whisk our eggs together, but I also like to use it with the whole process, when I am mixing my meat, because I believe that the manipulation of the meat along with water is going to help tenderize your meatballs. Everybody likes tender meatballs. Okay, so we are whisking in our two eggs and this recipe calls for one pound. Okay, then we are going to go ahead and we are going to cut up our basil, I am using about four leaves today, these were frozen, you could use the fresh, you could use dried, but I like to use the frozen one that s been in my freezer from my fresh plants. We are just going to chop it up, doesn t have to perfect, kind of roughly. Could use a larger knife here if you had one, but we are going to use the smaller one right now. Okay, throw in our basil. Okay, and next we are going to throw in our parsley, but first we have to chop it. Now this parsley has been frozen, you could use fresh, but again, I am a huge advocate for using fresh herbs and once you have used what you need, save it, wash it, dry it and put it in your Tupperware container and put it in your freezer for use at any later time. Then we are going to chop this up, it doesn t have to be real fine, just skid it enough so that every meatball can have some parsley in it. You can get parsley already cleaned in your grocery store where the salad section is, comes in real handy now. You can get fresh herbs all year around if you want. Okay, throw our parsley in, going to scrape it, make sure we get all of our parsley together, careful, whenever you are handling a sharp knife, be very careful. Okay, now we are going to throw in our garlic, we got a couple of cloves of garlic here already peeled, and again, I am going to chop off the brown part, because we don t need it. Now I am going to show you, how to use a garlic press, I don t chop my garlic I always use a garlic press whenever I need to have my garlic chopped. Garlic press is a wonderful little tool, you can get them in any kind of store, you can get them just about anywhere, and it really saves the time for chopping. All you do is put your garlic in there and you press and what comes out is basically the garlic juice that s really what you need. Then when you take it off, all you come up with is the skin. Now of course, you can use the skin if you want, but for this process we don t need it. So we are going to throw another clove in, gently press and there you have the garlic juice. Okay, now, again I don t use measuring spoons. I am going to use my palm; we are going to throw in about a tablespoon or two of salt per pound. Use a little pepper about a teaspoon maybe. Of course it's all to taste, and that s the first part of our process of making the meatball. Next, we are going to add our meat and our bread.