How To Make Meatloaf

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Shannon Overmiller demonstrates how to make meatloaf.

    Shannon Overmiller: Hello! My name is Shannon Overmiller. I am Executive Chef at the Majestic in Old Town, Alexandria Virginia. Today we will be preparing for you home style meatloaf.

    What I like to use, is a mixture of beef, pork and veal. The ground beef is preferable. Then we also have ground pork shoulder which we blend into. So it's two parts of beef to one part of pork. I use veal liver in this as well. And this is just liver that I have ground up. It's just about a cup worth to the five pound mixture of meats that I have here.

    The other type of meat that I would like to use is a salami or type of cured pork product. It gives a nice texture and flavor to your meatloaf. So, these four meats will be the four meats that we are going to mix to make the meatloaf.

    In a large mixing bowl, I am going to go ahead and get a little mixture on here since I am kind of full, slowly. Add in some of my onion. One large onion, we want to cut into a small dice, chopped fresh garlic about a tablespoon and half to two tablespoons.

    We'd like to do about an eighth of a cup of Worcestershire sauce for mixture to your taste, put about eighth of a cup. Here is the ingredient that will also make it very home style. This is pork fat. This is one of the key ingredients to making your meatloaf moist, Tabasco sauce, just a dash, about two tablespoon of ketchup, a tablespoon of whole grained mustard, or mustard of your choice. A tablespoon of tomato paste, a tablespoon of thyme, fresh thyme, a pinch of cayenne, a tablespoon and a half of dry mustard powder and per five pound batch, five eggs whole, about one to one-and-a-half cup of oats per five pound mixture. You use a ratio, one and a half ounces of salt to five pounds of deep mix, pepper.

    So that's how we mix ingredients. What you want to do is take your meatloaf out and I take just a little mixture and a thyme, form it into whatever size you choose. So keep it very uniform is really what you want. So cook time is the same.

    So to make the glaze, cup and a half of tomato paste, two cups of ketchup and two tablespoons of whole-grain mustard, two tablespoons of brown sugar, approximately two tablespoons of white vinegar, half a cup of molasses or dark corn syrup.

    And you want to add a little salt and pepper to this as well. Incorporate all the ingredients together. And just take your glaze mixture and evenly distribute it per loaf and that's how you glaze your meatloaf.

    Bake it 35-40 minutes, 350 degrees and you want an internal temperature reach of 150 degrees. The meatloaf has been cooked and it's been resting, the oven is no longer on, you will definite color, you will caramelization on your meatloaf, but that's really, it's okay, that's what you want, you want a glazed meatloaf. The sugars in this are going to give you color.

    You can see that that's much more firm in its texture. So I can tell by feeling it that it's ready. So that's your meatloaf, tender and juicy and soft and moist. It's a very good meatloaf.