How to Make Mexican Food

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year with some Mexican Food and an ice cold margarita (or two!). Greg and Les show you how to make salsa, guacamole, burritos, quesadillas, and more!

    Greg Dumorne: How you are doing? My name is Greg.

    Les Sauray: And I am Les.

    Greg Dumorne: And we are from Real Deal Catering, where we cater you. And today we are going to teach you how to make some Mexican food.

    Les Sauray: So what are we going to make today?

    Greg Dumorne: Today we are going to do -- we are going to start of with salsa. Then we are going to go and do some Guacamole and then we are going to go and do some basic Mexican dishes like Lobster Quesadillas.

    Les Sauray: My favorite.

    Greg Dumorne: We are going into -- everything is your favorite; we are going to go and do some Steak Burritos; we are going to go and do some Shrimp Enchiladas and then we are going to finish off with some Margaritas.

    Les Sauray: I kind of hate those.

    Greg Dumorne: We will also do Taco Salad, soft and hard Taco; so you are going to be pretty much 100% ready for Mexican food, when you finish with this video, I guarantee that.

    Les Sauray: Before you get into Mexican food, let's go over some quick things you need to remember when you are in the kitchen, which is, one, is kitchen safety. Make sure you put your -- when you are carrying knives, as you see there is more than one of us in the kitchen, make sure your knife is in a position where it's not able to cut anyone else or yourself and usually if you fall, your hands naturally go like this, so the knife should really never be able to hurt nobody, so always make sure that.

    Second, always make sure, obviously, you wash your hands. We've already washed our hands.

    Third, make sure that your food that you are using, especially the meats don't cross-contaminate, which means don't intertwine with each other same bowls, same knives, same surface areas like fish, your meats, and your chicken poultries.

    Greg Dumorne: Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been cooking for eleven years; I am currently licensed and certified in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. So wherever you are, we can get to.

    Les Sauray: And whatever you need, we can actually get you too. You could check on our website and you'll see a million recipes and menus that you can get to and if there's something that's not in the menu, just give us a call and we can cook it all.

    Greg Dumorne: And if we can't cook it, you don't need it. Les Sauray: But I am not going to bore you with all that stuff, basically we are going to get you some good, old-fashioned Mexican food, and mind you, from Brooklyn.

    Greg Dumorne: And how does that help, so let's get into some cooking.