How To Make Molten Chocolate Cakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make decadent molten chocolate cakes with a rich fudge sauce.

    Amy Riolo: Molten chocolate cakes with fudge sauce are a delicious and decorative dessert to enjoy any time of year.

    Let's begin by turning our pan onto medium heat, then we'll combine 5 ounces of bittersweet chocolate and 10 tablespoons of butter.

    We just want to melt these together and then let it set aside here to rest and get cooled for a second. And now we can whisk together 3 large eggs and 3 egg yolks. Now, I'll whisk in 11/2 cups of confectioner sugar.

    So now our eggs and sugar are completely mixed together. I'm going to add in a little bit of my chocolate and sugar mixture right into this egg mixture. This is called tempering. It helps to bring the temperature up, so that when you add them both together they don't curdle.

    I'm just going to whisk these two together. Now I'll add all of the rest. So I'm just going to whisk really quickly and this is the beautiful kind of pudding like consistency that you get after you've whisked to the point that you need it to be. So now we're going to whisk in a 1/2 a cup of almond flour and it's just ground up almonds.

    Now that we have all of our ingredients combined, we're going to go ahead and divide these into equal portions in our buttered ramekins. I'm filling these just up to the line, which is leaving about a quarter of an inch at the top. Now, I'm going to put these into a 450 degree oven for 11-14 minutes.

    Our molten chocolate cakes have just come out of the oven and they're still warm. It's a perfect time to plate them. And while it's warm, if you put a little bit of ice cream on it, the ice cream melts right down in the centre, and then we'll top it with out hot fudge sauce.

    So there we have our molten chocolate cakes with hot fudge sauce, a delicious and decorative dessert for anytime. Enjoy!