How to Make Naan Bread

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to make naan bread.

    Edward Hamann: Hello, I am Edward Hamann and I am here at Sur La Table Cooking School in Arlington, Virginia and today I am going to show you how to make Naan Bread. The clips in this series will include how to make the naan dough, the kneading of the dough and the rising, as well as baking the naan bread.

    The ingredients that you are going to need to complete this dish are three cups unbleached all purpose flour, which is about 14 ounces, one teaspoon salt, half a cup plain yogurt at room temperature, half a cup boiling water, one teaspoon active dried yeast, two teaspoons sugar, a quarter cup melted unsalted butter plus more for brushing, one large egg, a half to one teaspoon Nigella seeds, also called kalonji.

    The tools and equipments that you will need to make naan are one large bowl, one small bowl, a whisk, a small saucepan, a scraper, one small silicon pastry brush, a baking stone, a wooden peel, a rimless baking sheet, a rolling pin, a smooth work surface such as a marble pastry board.

    Today, we are going to be working with hot oven, so you will need to make sure we have good oven gloves to protect our hands and always remember to supervise the children. I studied cooking at the Julie Sahni's School of Indian Cooking in New York City. I traveled all around India studying its regional cuisine. Currently, I am the Culinary Coordinator here at Sur La Table Cooking School in Arlington, Virginia where I teach classes on Indian cuisine and other cuisines on a regular basis. Now let's get started making our naan bread. The first step is going to be making our dough for our naan bread.