How to Make Onion Carbonara

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Michel Richard of Citronelle demonstrates how to make a beautiful dinner for Valentine’s day including Onion Carbonara.

    Michel Richard: I am Michel Richard. We are here at Citronelle and we are going to show you how to do a beautiful dinner for Valentine's. This is our first recipe. We have an Onion Carbonara. The ingredient going to be an onion, a yellow onion, we have some clean fresh, some cream, lemon juice, we have an egg yolk, and we have Parmesan cheese. Of course, we are going to use that wonderful salmon caviar. Delicious.

    What is Carbonara? Carbonara normally is pasta, little bit of cream, butter and bacon. Here we are not going to use pasta. We are going to use onion. See, we peel the onion and we are going to steam them. They are going to be cooked but crispy and crunchy, wonderful. I created that dish in the restaurant few years ago and people love it. They love it. When we give it to them, it doesn't taste like onion. It tastes like, I don't know. It's texture, texture, lot of texture. I love texture and when people eat my Onion Carbonara, they always come back for more.

    You see, you are going to make your Valentine's day, you are going create this nice surprise to your husband or to your wife. Okay, here we peel it and here we have another machine to slice our onion. It is nice but one thing I forget to do it, you have to cut from the middle, outside, this way. You understand why we do that? So you create some long strings. At the end if you cook them after you steam them, they are going to look like spaghetti. Then we are going to steam them. We are going to steam the onion for 5 minutes. Now my onion are cooked, see. They are nice. When you bite into it, they have little crunch, very, very nice. Now we are going to finish it. We are going to reduce our cream. Very nice, see. I have to reduce the cream a little bit. I am going to add a pinch of salt to my cream, fresh ground pepper. I am adding now the onion. I am going to add a yolk to have it to thicken the sauce and fry it. Now I am going to add the Parmesan cheese.

    If you love Parmesan cheese, you can add as much as you want. Oh! It smells so good. You want more? I can't give you more. I am going to add at the end a little bit of lemon juice, just a little bit of it. Mix it well. Then you remove all of that. You have a nice plate, beautiful plate like this one. It looks like pasta. When I show that to all my friends, they really believe that it is spaghetti. Then a little bit of fresh herb on top. Of course, at the end a huge spoon of salmon caviar. Here we are, Onion Carbonara with salmon caviar.