How to Make Pancakes from Scratch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make pancakes from scratch.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi! I am Stephanie Rose, today we are here to show you how to make pancakes and I am going to start with the classic griddlecake which is why I have a beautiful griddle here and if you don't have a griddle, its okay because you could also use a griddle pan or a regular frying pan, non-stick works best. Now we are going to start with our basic ingredients that you probably have in your pantry, we have about a cup and a half of flour, three tablespoons of sugar, we have some salt and definitely some baking powder one in three quarters teaspoons to be exact, I have three tablespoons of melted butter which is 00:44 easy enough to do in your microwave. I have one cup plus a little bit extra of milk and I have two eggs, two whole eggs actually but I have separated out one egg white that we are going to mix up later. So now lets get started, first that what I want to do is combine all of my dry ingredients and I am going to just put it on parchment and then what I am going to do is put all through the sieve so we have nicely sifted ingredients. I have got the salt and I have got the baking powder. Now always make sure that your baking powder is fresh, if you have a can and it sits around in your pantry for a year or even a few months, it won't work and actually there is a note on the back best if used by January 2010 but if its opened it will not last forever. Okay, now I am going to take my bowl with nice little sift in the bowl then I take my parchment, makes it easier to transport my ingredients and pour it right into my little sifter. If you don't have one of these sifters just a regular sieve is fine, it works just bang on the side of it and then we sift away, bang on the side of it. Okay, now I am going to combine my wet ingredients, I have got my eggs, my milk. I am just going to hold out a little bit, don't want it to be too watery, my butter, I whisk this up a bit, not too much but you want it so its fully combined and now I am going to pour this in to the flour and beat that up. We don't need to mix it too much, don't be afraid of lumpy lumps, if you mix it too much you will have some tough pancakes and not fluffy ones, lovely. Now I am going to set that aside you can see it, the baking powder is already starting to act and that's what you wanted to do, it's creating bubbles. Now since I do usually have time to let my batter rest, so I am going to give it a quick start by whisking one I have; I started with two eggs and I actually separated one of them and soaked to the egg white so and I am going to beat them up -- you could do this in copper bowl which would probably a little bit faster but its only one egg white so I should be able to beat it up and I doesn't have to be totally stiff peak, doesn't have to be stiff peak, so this is perfect. Now I am just going to bang this, the whisk and not the bowl, you bang the bowl you are going to be loosing some of your air so we don't want to do that. Now I am just going to fold the egg whites into the batter. Excuse me, yeah, perfect. I am folding; you are cutting into the batter and moving the ingredients over itself. So we are cutting it in, classic fold, I have set my griddle to 350 degrees so I hope that's not too hot and you do want it a little bit hot but not too hot and I just find it easiest to use one of my measuring cups because I find a third of cup is really the perfect quantity for the perfect sized pancake. So cooking our perfect, let's hope perfect pancakes, putting the batter on quickly, wipe your hands off. The griddle is on 350, it doesn't take very long. What you will see is the bubble is starting to pop, the more bubbles that are popping the closer it is to being ready. You want a beautiful golden brown and you know the first pancakes that you do the first one is just never any good, so but actually this not our first one so it should be perfect. Sometimes I like to add fruits to my pancakes lots of kids do, you can add blueberries or here bananas. I love bananas and what I love about them in the pancake is when I flip it over, the banana is sweetened up because they caramelize on the bottom so and the blueberries are lovely, they are so cute, you could make little smiley faces for the kids. I don't put the blueberries in the batter because if you do it makes the batter kind of a strange color and then what we are going to do; when its done is we are going to place it on a tray that you could put covered with a linen and you put that in the oven and keep at about 200 degrees and don't stack up the pancakes because when you stack them up, the steam makes them floppy. So you want them to be sturdy so you just spread them out and then you can keep them on that way when you are ready to serve it. Now you know how to make the perfect pancake and next we are going to show you how to make the perfect French crepe.

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