How to Make Pancakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make pancakes.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi! I am Stephanie Rose at Stephanie Rose Foodstylings and I am here today to show you all how to make pancakes. Pancakes are wonderful and they are easy and we have three different varieties that I am going to show you how to make today; your classic American griddlecake and then we are going to move on to the delicious French crepe and then we are going to do the teeny-weeny bellini, the Russian yeast pancake.

    The tools that you will be needing to make pancakes are very basic, you will need a griddle and there are types of griddle pans or you could just use a frying pan and we will also need a spatula, a whisk, some stirring utensils, some knives and some wooden spoons I over here. Now for you children out there please be very careful in the kitchen; knives are very sharp and griddles get very hot. So if you are going to make some pancakes make sure your parents are in there or an adult is in there with you. Little bit about myself, I am a professional Chef and Food Stylist. For those of you who don't know what a food stylist is, I am one of those people that make the food look beautiful so you want to buy it when you see it on a television commercial or you see it, food in a picture in the cookbook. That's what I do, I have actually worked some cookbooks and I have worked on many television commercials and I love it, its lots of fun. Now stay with me because we are going to get started and we are going to make some pancakes and have lot of fun.