How to Make Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to make chocolate peanut butter squares.

    Anna Zeccolo: Hi, I am Anna from Tiny Chefs. Today we are making fun desserts for kids and we are going to make Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares. The ingredients that we will need would be cooking spray, confectioners sugar, graham cracker, butter, chocolate chips and peanut butter. The materials that we will need to make this dessert would be a 9x13 pan, a spatula, a wooden spoon, a small saucepan, a medium size saucepan, a glass bowl and a large bowl for mixing.

    Our first step is to spray down our pan so that our Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares don't stick. After that, we are going to melt down one cup of butter on the stove top on a low setting. Our next step is to crush up about 16 graham crackers in a zip-locked bag. So you will put the graham crackers in and this is a very fun part for kids because they get to crunch away and if you have more than one child working with you, they can share the task and take turns crunching. Because it does take a little bit of energy, a little bit of time to do this.

    So what you want is to break these crumbs down into tiny little pieces. Once you had your crumbs all crushed down into a fine little mixture like that, we are then going to mix up all of our ingredients together and put them in a pan.

    So in goes the crumbs and we also put in our one cup of melted butter right in with the graham crackers, oh, that's going to be delicious. We then measure out one cup of peanut butter. This is going to be so yummy, put little more in there. It's about half a job. It doesn't have to be perfect, just like that. In goes the peanut butter and you probably want to use creamy, that's what I am using today, of course you could use crunchy if you wanted to and also about three-and-a-half cups of confectioners sugar here.

    When you are measuring this powdered sugar, you want to go ahead and level it off by using your finger and I am just going half a cup at a time. Here is our one cup, three and a half cups. This stuff is very messy, which is fun for kids. Now we are going to mix it all up.

    Our next step after we have all of our ingredients mixed together is to put it in our baking pan. Now it's good and then you are going to press it down with your spoon or your hands however you like to. I am actually going to use my hands for this. I think it will work a little better. This looks so yummy. Here we go and this is the base to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares.

    Our next step will be to melt one and a half cups of milk chocolate morsels in a glass bowl and you put it over about a medium sized saucepan of water, putting it over low heat, but what's important is that you don't let the water level touch the bottom of the bowl and this will ensure that the milk chocolate morsels melt down without burning.

    Once you have your milk chocolate morsels melted down, you were then going to very carefully take that, take it and spread it over the top of your delicious graham cracker peanut butter mixture that you made. When you are spreading just put it in the middle and kind of pull out to the edges making sure that it's an even coating of chocolate. Here we go.

    Now we are going to place it in refrigerator for about half an hour to harden it up. Here we have a plate full of our Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares and have fun making all of our delicious desserts for kids.