How To Make Pierogies With Butter & Onions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diane Vezza with Mrs. T’s Pierogies prepares a traditional pierogy dish.

    Diane Vezza: Hi I am Dianne, professional recipe developer, food stylist and mom. Today I am going to be showing you the traditional way to cook pierogies which is sauting.

    Put some butter in the large skillet or you can use oil and heat it until it's sizzling. When that's ready, take a box of frozen pierogies and use any kind you like. Cook the pierogies until they are golden on all sides and you want to stir them up occasionally so you ensure even cooking. While the pierogies are sauting, take a yellow onion and cut it into rings.

    Now that our pierogies are almost ready, it's time cook our onion. Add some oil or you can butter. When it's hot, add the onions. Cook about five minutes until they are golden. Let's toss them with our cooked pierogies, stir them up, place them on our serving platter, top with a nice dollop of sour cream and dinner is ready.