How To Make Pierogy Brunch Quiche

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diane Vezza with Mrs. T’s Pierogies adds pierogies to quiche for a unique brunch dish.

    Diane Vezza: Hi I am Dianne, professional recipe developer, food stylist and mom. Today we are preparing a crustless brunch quiche. We start with a box of frozen pierogy. The pierogies are cooked when they float up to the top, about six to eight minutes.

    After we've boiled our pierogies we are going to take one tablespoon of butter, when that's melted, we are going to add one cup of red pepper, one cup of sliced mushrooms. We are sauting the mushrooms in red paper until they are tender, we are going to be adding our spinach.

    Stirring well until the spinach is just lift limp, then we'll add our chives or scallions. Let's beat three eggs; then we'll add one and a half cups of milk, our salt, pepper, one cup of shredded asiago cheese and our pierogies. Then we'll add our sauted vegetables. Stir everything else up and put it in our pan.

    Bake your quiche at 350 for about 40 minutes. It's been 40 minutes since we put our quiche in; it's a perfect quick dish for brunch or on a week night for dinner.