How to Make Pork Butt BBQ

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Try your luck at slow cooking with this Harris Teeter recipe for BBQ Pork Butt. Chef Phil Anderson will show you how.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I'm Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. We're going to make pork butt barbecue using a great barbecue sauce. And we've pre-heated over oven to 325 degrees. We're going to take our pork butt and we're going to put it in the pan. Now you can use a lot of this barbecue sauce during the cook. You could use the whole bottle. I've used the whole bottle of barbecue sauce. But you're just going to paint this on here, it caramelizes very nicely; it'll be really a deep rich color once you get done with it. It's just nice. Okay. Wonderful!

    So we're going to take this over to the oven and we put it in. You're going to cook it for four hours or so on 325 degrees. This is a half-a-day experience. During the cooking process, you are going to go back in there and just going to keep on applying the barbecue sauce. It'll caramelize but it won't burn if it's a low temperature like the 325 temperature that we have now. When you pull this out after the fourth hour, you want to check the internal temperature and make sure it's 170 degrees. And that will be delicious, tender, gorgeous, wonderful flavor. The meat comes right off the bone very easily. This is the pork butt barbecue. Enjoy!