How to Make Potato Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Carson, radio personality and cook shows you how to make potato salad with a top secret recipe.

    Rob Carson: Hi, I am Rob Carson. I am a radio personality and I like to cook and today we are making potato salad, but not just any potato salad, we are making a top secret recipe potato salad. Three people lost their lives to get the recipe to me. It is called My best buddy Chris from Saint Louis' Home Made Home Style potato salad recipe, something like that, but anyway, it's good.

    Alright, we are obviously going to use potatoes. Today, I am using a small, red potato. You can use baking potatoes if you like, if you use the large baking potatoes, 6-8 of them, if you use these, about 18-20 of them. You are going to boil them. I boiled these potatoes until their consistency was a little crisp, but it has some give to it. I also rinsed them with cold water, cut them into fairly small pieces and then sprinkled them with a little bit of sugar and let them sit.

    So we have got about 18-20 of these little red potatoes. We have got one full white onion and about twice as much chopped celery. Over here, we have about three-quarters of a cup white vinegar and three-quarters of cup of a 100% wholesome Bacon grease. We have got about two pounds of bacon here. I am going use a pound-and-a-half, give or take, depending on how much my cameraman wants to eat. Over here, we have this stuff called Accent, I have never used but my best friend Chris, loves it. We have got paprika, we have got miracle whip, God's gift to condiments seriously and over here, of course, celery seed. Salt and pepper, some hard boiled eggs and that's it.

    So I got my potatoes and they are cool, I cooled them in the refrigerator after rinsing with cold water. You can peel your potatoes if you want. Now the reason I want them cold is, if they are hot, you are going to be making mashed potato salad and that's not good. So let's get started. I am going to take my onion. I am going to use most of it, this is a fairly large onion and give and take a little bit on this, you can tweak a little bit, it's cool. I am going to take a good share of this celery and throw it in here and you can add as you go. Some people like celery, you can add some more celery. Some people don't like celery, whatever. Alright, I am going to take and add a little bit more sugar because I just barely sprinkle the top of the potatoes. So I am just going to use a little right here on top, that's enough, alright. I am going use about a teaspoon or so of salt. I am using sea salt, don't use iodized salt. If you have watched my videos, you know how I feel about iodized salt, horrible. Sorry Morton, fresh cracked pepper, about a teaspoon, maybe a little more. I am going to take about a teaspoon of celery seed. Again, it's not exact alright and my buddy Chris says, "Do it to taste.

    " As with most things, do it to taste, but if you need a guideline say, a teaspoon. I am going to put the paprika on later. Now we go with the Accent and I am going to do about a half a teaspoon to a teaspoon. I don't even know what this tastes like, salty, whatever. It is actually kind of interesting. It has got even different flavor than salt. It's kind of a -- I am not explaining. It has got a depth to it which is not bad, not bad.

    Now the good stuff. I want to tell you, I cook. I am not cardiologist okay, so don't blame me because I am using pound-and- a-half of bacon in this potato salad. Bacon is God's gift to food. If I can eat bacon everyday, I'll eat bacon everyday. Bacon is fantastic. Now we are going to get downright disgustingly unhealthy because in this bowl, is a combination of white vinegar and bacon fat and I have got three-quarters of a cup of each of them. I may not use all of it because I don't want it to be soupy. This is just going to be unreal. In know there are people going, "You have got be kidding! You are using bacon fat in potato salad," but when you taste this potato salad you are going to go, "It's worth every bit of it.

    " There we go. Oh, this going to be great. Alright, now we are going to add the Miracle Whip. Now the irony about this recipe is that we are using all this bacon and bacon fat and my buddy Chris says you should use the light miracle whip. He says the reason why, is it has got a little more of a stronger vinegar taste to it than a regular Miracle Whip.

    So I am going to add about a cup and if I want to add some more, I will add some more, but this is where I am going to start. You want to have it, cover the potatoes, but not make it creamy looking. You want to be able to see color of the potatoes in the celery. I think we have done that fairly effectively. We are not using so much miracle whip that it looks like a giant glob.

    I am going to go ahead and try it. Oh my God, that is so good. This is potato salad you would want eat for breakfast. It's amazing. Alright, so there we go. Now what I am going to do is take my hard boiled eggs and my paprika. Potato salad, you have to have paprika. I don't know where the written rule came from, but you got to have paprika. Same way with devilled eggs. There, okay, I add my paprika. I am going to take egg slices, hard boiled egg slices. This is just good old fashioned German potato salad, it is just awesome. My mother use to make potato salad which she still does. She makes with yellow mustard, that classic American potato salad and I like that. Don't get me wrong, mom. God bless you, you are a great cook, but this is just sick and wrong potato salad. Alright, that is the ultimate potato salad. You bring this to a barbecue, they are going to be carrying you round on their shoulders. They are going to love you so much. Enjoy. My best buddy Chris from Saint Louis' Home Made Home Style potato salad recipe, it's something like that.

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