How to Make Quesadillas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Javier Quiroga demonstrates how to make white quesadillas.

    Javier Quiroga :Hello, I am Javier Quiroga with To Your Taste Catering and today I am showing you how to make some wonderful delicious recipes for a Latin fiesta. Right now, I am going to be showing you how to make chicken and cheese Quesadillas. You can do both chicken and cheese or just cheese for the vegetarians.

    So the ingredients you are going to be needing for this wonderful dish is going to be some flour tortillas in this case. You can use any other kind of tortillas, if you like. Some shredded cheese; today we are using some American cheese, you can use the Mexican blend, you can use a little bit of, maybe make your own blend with a little mozzarella. We are going to be using some green onions for decoration towards the end. We have a piece of chicken here, chicken breast, that's been cleaned. All we have a little olive oil, salt and pepper and we have a little bit olive oil here to be able to saute the chicken.

    The equipment you are going to be needing to make this great dish is going to be a nice cutting board, a pair of tongs, spatula and a very, very sharp knife. You are going to need two saute pans. I am going to be showing you how to make enough for 2 people, about two Quesadillas. Obviously, you can add more Quesadialls to be the hundred, if you like.

    All we have here so far, we have our pan here that's been at medium heat. There we are going to be searing our chicken breast in. So our pan is hot right now. We are going to go ahead and just put this right in here. Now it's a hot pan and it's going to give it a nice sear on the side. You want to cook this probably for about 10 minutes, probably 10-12 minutes. About 6 minutes on each side until it is cooked all the way through, until it's not pink inside.

    Alright, so our chicken has been cooking for about 10-12 minutes right now. It is done all the way. What you want to do is you want to just take this out and let it rest, before we slice it. So all the juices stay inside the chicken. Meanwhile, we are going to start with the Quesadilla. You want to do this at a medium to low heat. We have our tortilla here. The one we are using is a flour tortilla, you can use any different type of tortilla, if you like. What we are going to do?

    We have a little bit of the shredded cheese here. We're going to put just a little bit here along one side here, like this. I want to show you a fairly easy way for doing it, which is like that, just fold it in half. Here we are going to go ahead and add a little bit of olive oil, very little bit. That's not even a half of a teaspoon, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan.

    It's been so much hot. We are going to go ahead and place the tortilla. See, there is the tortilla, all the cheese in there. All the cheese is going to melt all through out and everything else and that's going to seal the Quesadilla, once it's done. Just lay it down like that and you want to press it down a little bit with your hand like this. Be careful that you don't burn your hand. Just press it down, so you can get all the sides nice and hot.

    This probably is going to take about 2 minutes per side until that the cheese starts melting and you get a nice crust on the other side of the tortilla. In the mean time while that's working there, we are going to go ahead and start slicing our chicken breast. It's been resting for about 5 minutes now. Then we are going to build our other Quesadilla. We will put a little bit of cheese. There you go. Then we are going to put the chicken on top here, here, that should be enough. You don't want it all the way to that, that's perfectly fine. You want to do a little more cheese on top. What this is going to do? You have cheese at the bottom, cheese on the top, put them together, they melt and that's how the Quesadilla stays shut during that time.

    So again you fold it here. Again, we are going to do the same thing, medium pan, a little bit of oil, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Then you want to go ahead and move your Quesadilla into your pan. Just use a little cheese, before and after kind of thing, before and after like that, that's how the cheese is going to be perfect. You can add anything to it, like you want to do peppers in there, you want to do shrimp in there, steak, anything at all you want, you can just put inside the Quesadilla and it'll be delicious.

    Quesadillas now have been on the fire here for about 1 minutes per side, until we get a nice golden brown on each of the sides. You have the cheese and there youhave have the chicken. Now it's time to plate it. The great thing about this dish, it's a quick quick meal. If you get home from work really late, you just do this and you are done, very, very quick.

    Here we are going to go ahead and cut it here and here. If you want to do this for like a meal, you would cut it, like this, in a little bigger triangles. You can cut them to little squares, you can serve the whole thing, like this one here. They will be my meal right there. This one, I want to cut like this. Just a little bit different presentation, may be a little squares perhaps. Then we are going to put a little color on this, may be a little green onion on here. Simple, very simple here.

    Now you have your Chicken Quesadillas and your Cheese Quesadillas. You can serve these with the homemade Guacamole we made or the homemade fire roasted salsa we made, delicious. Coming up next, my brother Alonso is going to be showing you how to make two wonderful, wonderful drinks that go perfect with our Latin fiesta.