How To Make Raw Food Noodles and Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Raw food expert Lisa Wilson demonstrates how to make raw food noodles and sauce.

    Lisa Wilson: Hi there! It's Lisa Wilson with the Raw Food Institute. Now you might think that you have to give up some of your comfort foods as you move into a more raw premium diet, but I'd like to introduce you to some really simple things that are going to feel like your old comfort food. So we're going to make a marinara sauce. We happen to be making red pepper marinara, but you can make a tomato marinara, you might be in the mood for an Alfredo or a Pasta sauce, whatever direction you like, but I am going to walk you through how to do a red pepper marinara.

    So again, your high speed blend there, we're going to put-in about one and half cups of this raw red pepper, that looks more like about two cups. Nothing is exact, it's okay. We're going to put in about two tablespoons of chopped onions. About one-half-a-cup of lemon juice gives a little zip, two tablespoons of olive oil, a really cold pressed organic olive oil, and about two tablespoons of nama shoyu. Now nama shoyu is a naturally fermented soy sauce. You can find it in a lot of the holistic markets. And one clove of garlic, if you love garlic, put in two, but we're going to go ahead and put in one.

    That's really it; we're going to secure our lid. I probably will need my tamper for this. So I will start down on low, this is your tamper, lock it out. See how simple that was? Now listen, if you wanted to let that go about two or three minutes until it's just warm for the touch. That's going to give you that sensation that you're actually eating cooked food, when you are still eating raw and you haven't taken it above 105 degrees. Look how pretty that is, I wish you could smell it. It smells so good.

    Moving on to the fun part, we're going to make our noodles. Now seriously, this is easier than boiling water and making it on the stove, and it's all vegetables, it's all live, it's all raw. So we just hook up our zucchini or squash whatever you like, and we're going to start just cranking it through, a good arm workout, and you'll start to quickly see your noodles appearing out the other side, and now we have this gorgeous dish of pasta. It's so easy. We just are going to toss this in our sauce. How pretty that is! So there you have it; fresh, tasty, easy, delicious ways to get your comfort food. Thank you so much for watching!