How To Make Raw Food Nori Wraps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Raw food expert Lisa Wilson demonstrates how to make raw food nori wraps.

    Lisa Wilson: Hello! It's Lisa Wilson with the Raw Food Institute. I want to show you that raw food can be so simple and easy and everybody likes the sandwich, right? So that's what we're going to make. We're going to make a raw food wrap. Now to give it a bit of extra texture, we are going to start out with a nut pt, so we are going to put that in our Vital-Mix. I just have two cups of cashews, these are sprouted, so they're raw and then sprouted.

    Now I need a little bit of juice to kind of get it going, so I have just the juice of one lime and I like it extra limey, so I have just a lime that's been peeled, I am going to pop that right in the Vital-Mix, secure the lid. Now, I am going to need my tamper for this to push it down and make that nice nut pt. I am going to turn it on, and literally that's it, we have got a super, simple nut pt that we can put right on our Nori.

    You want to look for the black ones, they say raw right on the package, don't want to go for the toasted. We're going to grab a little bit of our nut butter, just spread it right on. We're just going to roll this, like they would roll a sushi roll, super yummy. We are going to add some of those healthy fats in the avocado. This just will keep you feeling full for a longer period of time and then really any vegetables you like, I think cucumber, because they're just nice and light and fresh. I also picked a little bit of romaine because I just like that crunch, but you could shave some carrots in here or some radishes, and then of course the sprouts. We always want to get the living food in, so sprouts, sprouts, sprouts.

    So now we just roll it. Now, if you had a cup of water or something like that, you could actually seal it up by running a little seal right down there, but these are juicy enough, it's going to hold together beautifully. How easy was that? I hope that you have enjoyed your Nori Rolls. I hope you try them at home and I want to thank you for watching.