How To Make Rich No Bake Cheesecake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pastry Chef David Guas demonstrates how to make simple and sweet no bake cheesecake.

    David Guas: Hi, I am David Guas with Damgoodsweet Consulting Group in Washington D.

    C. area and we are here to talk about non-baked cheese cake that we are about to do. So as far as ingredients go, the reason its non-baked cheese cake and never sees an oven, is because of gelatin. Here I used gelatin sheets, but you can also use powdered gelatin and the conversion between the two is on the back of the container. But in this case, you can buy this from some Specialty Markets, and what you have to do because it's a dry product, is that you have to hydrate in some ice water, which I have already done here. It's called blooming. When you bloom the gelatin, it hydrates itself and becomes soft. What we have done is, we have our 8 ounces of cream cheese already here on the stove, and essentially I am going to remove that from the boiling water, which is already nice and hot. I am going to just squeeze the water out of the soften gelatin, to make sure that it's -- we are not adding water into the actual dessert. I will go ahead and take a whisk, and Ill just whisk in that soften gelatin. We can allow that to rest for a second while we add our other ingredients, which is our 1 cup of sour cream to our electric mixer. It's best to keep this in a chilled temperature prior to using it. It allows the cream to react and will whip quicker. We will add our sugar as well, that's 5 tablespoons of granulated sugar. What we are going for is something we call soft peaks, or medium peaks, where the cream begins to get a little bit of body, but isn't over whipped creating stiff peaks. At this point, I am going to go ahead and add my vanilla extract. Remove this from the machine and we will do a fancy thing called folding and we will fold in this partially whipped, but just about a third of it we will go in first. Then we will whisk this together smooth and what's that's doing is we have a cold mixture with a warm mixture and this allow any lumps to get worked out. At that point, you can add the remaining soft peak with mixture. What we do is we fold, and folding is just a gentle technique that's done by the wrist and we are taking going in from the center and we are just folding that mixture until it's fully incorporated, cleaning our sides, making sure again there is no lumps. This mixture is essentially ready for portioning. Portion the mixture directly into the cup, filling it about two thirds of the way, and you want to allow at least four hours to set up. You can even do this the night before. Here we have the finished product, which is a set version of the cheese cake, which is seen about six hour in the refrigerator. At this point, we have something called Cajeta, which is a Mexican caramel made from goats milk. You have to make sure that your cheese cake is fully set after which you can top it with a light layer of the Cajeta and I like to serve it with the spoon almost like a coffee set on a saucer and that is our non baked cheese cake with Cajeta, goats milk caramel.