How To Make Rose & Mint Infused Fruit Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make rose and mint infused fruit salad.

    Amy Riolo: The combination of herbal and floral notes in my rosewater and mint-infused fruit salad transform an everyday fruit salad into a decorative dessert. Let's start by combining our mixed fruit and you can use any type of fruit that is in season. I like honeydew and cantaloupe and a combination of fresh berries. I am going to add in the fresh mint; this is a great trick. Mint and sugar aren't just for cocktails anymore; they really combine wonderfully with fruit. You can put them with peaches or plums or nectarines, really anything that's in season in the summer time.

    The last thing I am going to add is my rosewater. This is a secret ingredient; a lot of people aren't really familiar with it. It's used a lot in Indian and in Middle Eastern cuisine, but just that little bit of rosewater adds this nice background flavor that no one can put their finger on, but really punches up the flavor of fruit salad.

    So now that everything is mixed together, we can just cover our fruit salad and put in refrigerator for a minimum of about 5-6 hours or overnight. The flavors are going to come together really beautifully, and soon we will have a sweet rosewater and mint-infused fruit salad.

    Now that the rosewater and mint had a chance to combine, it's time to go ahead and plate up our fruit salad. So here we have our rosewater and mint-infused fruit salad, a great choice for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Enjoy!