How to Make Salmon Encroute

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to make salmon encroute.

    Ray Hayes: Hello, my name is Ray Hayes. I am the executive Chef here. You are watching my series on how to prepare a salmon. Next, we are going to show you is how to make Salmon Encroute. The next dish we are going to do is a Salmon Encroute, there is a couple of different names for this. You can call it crusted Salmon, Puff Pastry Salmon, Encroute or Beef Welling like the Beef Wellington dish wrapped up in a puff pastry. So all we are going to do really is take our store bought puff pastry, we are going to line that with some, we are going to brush it with egg wash. We are going to line it with some fresh spinach, we are going to place our salmon on there and then I will show you how to roll it up, tuck it up, brush again with the egg wash and put it in the oven and cook it, just like the others, 10 or 15 minutes, you are done, ready to go. First what I am going to do is crack a couple of eggs in here and we are going to whisk these eggs just to make a little egg wash. So as you are doing the egg wash you just going to make sure there is no opaque pieces in there so it is all mixed up real well and that is about it. Take that egg wash, grab your brush, just brush the inside of this with egg, that is all you need for the inside. Then we are going to take some baby spinach leaves, put them down here. We are going to build everything upside down basically on this dish. This is the hard part, upside down.

    So if the leaf is up, you want the leaf down, I will show you why in just a second. If you are putting the leaves down, so one of the sensitivity on this is to build it upside down. You build the leaves upside down, pick up the salmon, you want to season your salmon, you want to take the salmon and put it upside down on top of the upside down spinach leaves. Now you are going to see why we turned this upside down, we are actually just going to fold this into like an envelope little piece of puff pastry. Upside down, so when you bake it you are going to put the bottom side, here we go, remember it is all upside down right now. So doesnt look like much there, but you turn it over, oh, look at that. So there you go, that is why you build it upside. So when you build it upside down and turn over, the nice part of the pastry is up. The spinach leaves are up and on top of the salmon the salmon piece is nice and up here. We are ready to do this again, we are going to take a little bit of our egg wash, brush on the top and then we can go right to the pan, put it right in the oven. Dont forget to spray here a little bit, you got a little butter pastry there, it might stick to your pan. Then we are ready to go to the oven, there we go, 10 or 15 more minutes, the pastry gets nice and brown, puffs up a little bit. You have the Salmon Encroute. Alright, our timer just went off that means the puff pastry, salmon wrapped with the baby spinach leaves is all finished. We are going to take that out of the oven, take a look at it right now. Here we go, nice and golden brown, remember this is why we turned it over. So it would look like that and not this, so then we just took that, put it on the plate. Again, we will cut it and see what we got inside there, so here we go, salmon with baby spinach, Encroute. So we have a nice French puff pastry there, a medium-rare salmon, baby leaves wrapped around the salmon, cooked in the oven all at one time, ready to go. Add any kind of sauce you like to this, raspberry sauce, butter sauce whatever you want, it is there ready to go now.