How to Make Salmon Satays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to make salmon satays.

    Ray Hayes: Hello, my name is Ray Hayes. I am the Executive Chef here. You are watching my series on how to cook and prepare a salmon. The next thing we are going to do is show you how to make Salmon Satays. So the next dish we are going to do on the grill is going to be a Salmon Satay. The satay is a -- I dont know exactly where they originated from. But they are very popular in Indonesia, they do salmon Satays with -- I am sorry Beef Satays, Chicken Satays, vegetable Satays. These salmon satays are very simple, you take a bamboo skewer, go right through this salmon, so the only thing you see is the end of the salmon, end of the stick on the other side. If you dont want the stick to come through this salmon anywhere just like that, so I guess you can call them like Salmon Popsicles if you like. Well, that sounds kind of grody. These make an excellent dish for appetizers when you have parties, you make them with some of your other dishes because they are really easy to cook. You can cook these on a flat top, in a saut pan or on the grill.

    We are going to do it on the grill today. They are very simple to do, skewered. Alright, you grab your favorite seasoning, you can use salt and pepper, you can use some of this stuff you buy in a store called salmon seasoning. Take that salmon, put them up on your plate and we are ready to go to the grill. These are the salmon satays we talked about earlier when we cut the little salmon pieces from the tail. Now if you want to pay attention to this, your sticks will burn unless you soak them overnight in water. So what we are doing here is just leaving them hang off the broiler, just put them up right up there on the flame and let them go. These only take a few minutes. Again, as you can see this is a minute-and-half, two minutes on the broiler, already starting to get lines on there. So you want to cook these medium-rare, so they stay nice and juicy. If you cook them well done then they are going to separate and fall. So when you pick up the stick, all of the meat will fall off, so you want to make sure you cook these medium-rare so they meat has some tension to it.

    Here we go, three or four minutes in, we are going to turn them over now, let them get some heat on the other side. Oh yeah, those are looking good, but then with these you can put any sauce you want on them, you can put raspberry sauce, peanut sauce, soy sauce, you can put teriyaki sauce, anything you like you can put on here. Whatever the theme of your party is, you can add that sauce to these things and just put them on a plate and let people eat them. They are very delicious, they look great on the plate also. They are ready to come off. We are going to take our skewers right off the grill, we are going to set them right on here, there we go, we have got one more. Then we are going to put a little teriyaki sauce on these, there you go, Salmon Satay is on the stick ready to eat. Very good.