How to Make Salsa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering demonstrate how to make a tasty salsa from fresh ingredients.

    Greg Dumorne: How you are doing? My name is Greg.

    Les Sauray: And I am Les. Greg Dumorne: And we are from Real Deal Catering, where we cater you. And today we are going to be making Mexican food. And the first thing you need for almost all the Mexican food is Salsa. So we are going to make Salsa first. And to make Salsa, first of all, you need diced tomatoes. So we took the time to dice them, but --Les Sauray: how much diced tomatoes do you actually need?

    Greg Dumorne: I don't know; this one here is about seven tomatoes. You may want to keep some of that juice. And of course you can make your own variation of the Salsa, the one I am making today. This is actually going to be the basis for all the Mexican food we are going to make. So I am going to use spread onions, a little bit of solantro; you can't make Mexican food without solantro. And everything I make has to have a little byte to it. So we are going to put a little olive peel on here. You know when I say little, I mean a lot. That is a little, you have got to make sure you keep the seeds; the seeds are what give it that -- the pepper, you take the seeds out and I'll still make it roll; not so spicy; but we need spicy because that is what I do. I am really going to make it spicy, you also add a little bit of mustard.

    Les Sauray: Now where is the mustard?

    Greg Dumorne: The mustard also gives it a little kick. You could use lemon juice, lime juice.

    Les Sauray: You are actually using lemon?

    Greg Dumorne: Some black pepper, salt.

    Les Sauray: Okay.

    Greg Dumorne: And after you mix that up pretty good.

    Les Sauray: It smells good too.

    Greg Dumorne: I hope so. Salsa in a minute. Next, we are going to make Guacamole.

    Les Sauray: Guacamole.

    Greg Dumorne: Guacamole.