How To Make Savory Chicken Tacos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Enjoy a healthier taco as cookbook author Holly Clegg demonstrates how to make savory chicken tacos.

    Holly Clegg: Hi! I'm Holly Clegg for Kroger. Today, we're going to make savory chicken tacos. Quick and kid-friendly and best of all, it's all in one dish. We're going to start with one Rotisserie Chicken and you want to remove the skin and just coarsely chop it, and then we're going to use two cups of Verde Enchilada sauce.

    Now don't get intimidated, it's really just green enchilada sauce, and adds a mild festive flavor. We have one 11 ounce can of corn and pepper that's been drained and here is one of my favorite ingredients, fire roasted tomatoes. You're going to use one 14.

    5 can of fire roasted tomatoes and we're not draining this.

    Quesadilla Cheese, if you've never used it or have trouble finding it, you could also substitute Mexican Blend cheese. You'll need one cup. It gives it that real Mexican tinge, and then one-and-a-half cups of instant rice. Look at all these ingredients, they are so pantry friendly, and you can find them all at Kroger. That's why I love shopping there.

    We're just going to mix it together. When I say tacos at my house, everybody comes running. But sometimes you have to put it together in the components of tacos, and as I said, what's great about this recipe, it is one dish. And I'll like anything that's easy and not washing dishes.

    All right! We're going to just make sure it's all stirred up, now you're going to put it in a preheated oven at 450 degrees for just about 20/25 minutes. You want to make sure you rice is done. So let's go pop it in the oven.

    Here's our savory chicken tacos. We're just going to stuff our taco shells and we're ready to eat.