How to Make Shrimp Enchiladas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Dumorne & Les Sauray of Real Deal Catering show how to prepare shrimp enchiladas.

    Greg Dumorne: How you are doing, I am Greg. Les Sauray: I am Les and we are from Real Deal catering and today we are making Mexican foods.

    Greg Dumorne: For making Mexican food we need some, Shrimp Enchiladas. For Shrimp Enchiladas, what you need is some black beans, shredded, cheddar, and margarita cheese, salsa, refried beans, and salad sauce, scallions, shrimp and green chilies. Les Sauray: Basically spread the cheese out across. Greg Dumorne: Spread the cheese out across.

    Les Sauray: What we are basically doing is making a little bed for the food layering.

    Greg Dumorne: It's correct. Come on put your dry food in first.

    Les Sauray: So put your dry food, then your liquid food on top.

    Greg Dumorne: So it doesn't make it cocktail.

    Les Sauray: Okay because this is going to absorb some of the moisture keeping it from, getting on the tortillas. Don't be afraid to get your hands messy, apart of cooking, I guess. Here we go.

    Greg Dumorne: Thank you, sir.

    Les Sauray: You are Welcome. So now you are laying down the salsa on top of the refried bean.

    Greg Dumorne: That's correct.

    Les Sauray: That's pretty cool; you made the salsa and you are using it for multiple things. Black beans, now these canned black beans or does it matter where you get these from?

    Greg Dumorne: We want to make fresh; these are actually from the can.

    Les Sauray: Recipes like this, I don't have to remember exact measurements. Now you take this pan and put some --Greg Dumorne: Preheat your oven at 350.

    Les Sauray: Now this is a sprayed pan with some, we just use some PAM and some extra virgin olive oil layered across.

    Greg Dumorne: And throw them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes and we will let you know how's that -- okay, at this point, it's been about 15 minutes, we are going to go in and we are going to flip this, that's about over, add some sauce to them and it is time for the cheese. Let it go for another about 10 minutes.

    Les Sauray: Here you go, I got that.

    Greg Dumorne: Okay, we are going to put then in oven for another ten minutes till the cheese melt and then we'll be ready to take it out. Okay, it has been about 30 minutes and I'll take Enchiladas away. You can tell by the way the cheese melted it. And those are your Shrimp Enchiladas.

    Les Sauray: Up next Steak Burrito.