How To Make Soap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soapmaker Karen Danella demonstrates how to make cold-process soap at home. This soap uses skin-moisturizing shea butter and is environmentally friendly.

    Karen Danella: Hello! I am Karen Danella with Cedarwood Soaps. Today we're showing you how to make soap. The tools and ingredients that we will be using today are, the wooden mold, it will be lined with a Freezer Paper. We have a plastic bowl, plastic pitcher, a spoon, a flat spatula, stick blender, rubber gloves for safety, goggles for safety as well. Pre-measured oils, scale for measuring the oils and the lye, and we have a thermometer, miter box for slicing the soap, when it's ready to be sliced and we have our additives.

    We want to put the empty container on the scale and I am using 64 ounces of oil and I need 9.

    05 ounces of lye. Stand back a little bit, you don't want to breathe the fumes. For the recipe that I am using, I used about 24 ounces of water. Once you pour the lye into it, it's very hot and it's important to let it cool.

    Now I am going to show how to line the mold. So use Freezer Paper and put the shiny side facing up and then I take the sides down, so they stay out. And there are all molds out there that you can use that you don't have to tape, they are just different shapes, and sizes that depends what you want your soap to look like.

    Now, I am going to show you how to mix the oils and warm them up. I have this pre-measured and what I did, I used coconut, palm, olive, sunflower and castor oil and Shea butter and I already pre-measured these, just to make this easy. And what you can do, is go online and type in all the oils that you use and you can choose how much of each oil that you would like to use. And then you find a Lye calculator online and it will tell you exactly how much of each to use and what your lye measurements are.

    Now I am going to take the oils and warm them in the microwave for about four minutes and I want it to get to the temperature about the same as the lye, between 100 and 120 degrees. When you use my thermometer and check the temperature. I am going to take my lye-water mixture and pour it in slowly. I am going to take my stick blender and start stirring this until it starts to look like pudding. This is getting a little bit thick and that's the time that we want to put our additives in.

    So, I have a little bit of organic clay here, then I have some Cornmeal, my top note is going to be Sweet Orange Essential Oil and for my middle note, I am using clove and then I am going to start stirring again. So, this is how it should look, when you are ready to pour it into the mold, you can see it's very thick and pudding like.

    I am just going to pour this right in here, smells really good. And then you want to smooth that out, smooth the top, make sure it is nice and even, immediately put on a lid, so it doesn't get soda ash on the top and what that is, it's just a little white film and there is no harm in that it just a not aestetically pleasing. Then you want to cover and insulate with a towel and then you want to let this set for 24 to 48 hours.

    After that time you take lift the soap right up out of the mold, peel it away from the soap, and then you slice it, right here with the miter box and then you want to set that in a cool, dry place and let that set there for 4 to 6 weeks.

    So, that's the final step in making soap, I hope you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun. Thanks for watching!