How To Make Spiced Greek Yogurt With Apricots

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make spiced Greek yogurt with caramelized apricots and honey.

    Amy Riolo: Looking for an interesting breakfast is as easy and delicious as it is beautiful. My glazed apricots with cinnamon spiced Greek yogurt are the perfect way to start your day.

    To begin our cinnamon spice yogurt, we'll add a teaspoon of cinnamon into 2 cups of Greek style yogurt, just string this all in to make sure that it's incorporated. And next we'll get to work on our glazed apricots.

    I'm going to turn my pan on to medium high heat. Then I'm going to add in a tablespoon of butter. Now that our butter is melted, we can go ahead and add in the apricots. I am just going to toss these to coat.

    Now I'll add in about a 1/3rd of a cup of sugar. So I'm going to let the apricots and the sugar cook together for about eight minutes, that's really going to help the juice to coax out of the apricot and the sugar to work its magic and start caramelizing.

    So while our apricots are glazing, we can go ahead and start by dividing our yogurt into our serving glasses. Now our apricots are starting to get nice and plump and you can see that beautiful caramel color that we have in the bottom of our pan. So as soon as that happens, we can go ahead and deglaze our pan.

    But I'm going to do that with 3 quarters a cup of orange juice and I'll also sprinkle in my orange zest. May be just stir around the bottom, make sure to scrape up any little bits that you've gotten and move it to simmer for about 5-8 minutes or just until the sauce thickens and the apricots are completely plumped up.

    So now you can see our sauce has really thickened up and just glazes and coats our apricots beautifully. So we can go ahead and divide this into four and just top our yogurt.

    Now we'll top with our almonds. These are sliced almonds, you could also use pistachios or any other kind of nut that you choose and to finish I'm going to drizzle with just a touch of honey on top of each one.

    There we have our glazed apricots with cinnamon spiced Greek yogurt, a beautiful, delicious and nutritious way to start any day. Enjoy!